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City Fertility Ltd

16 St John St, Clerkenwell, London EC1M 4NT, UK (London)

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What makes this medical centre first class

Gennet City Fertility is one of London's leading fertility clinics, boasting some of the best pregnancy success rates in the city. Specialising in IVF, foetal medicine, and both egg and sperm freezing, City Fertility offers a wide range of fertility treatments, and utilises state-of-the-art technologies and treatment protocols to do so. The City Fertility team members were carefully selected due to their skill and experience, and what they have achieved in London and abroad. Their ethos is a patient-centred approach, giving individualised treatment to each patient, and doing everything in their power to help them conceive. In 2016, City Fertility had the joint-highest success rate in pregnancy resutlts for fresh donor treatments, with 50%, compared to a national average of 33.9%.

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