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Dr Ana Pokrajac is a leading consultant in diabetes, endocrinology and general medicine in London, who specialises in diabetic nephropathy, metabolic disorders, PCOS, thyroid disease, adrenal disease and pituitary disease.

Dr Pokrajac graduated from the University of Belgrade with distinction in 2000. She underwent training and research programs at the University Hospitals in Belgrade and the University of Manchester, where she also completed her specialty training in diabetes, endocrinology and GIM.

Dr Pokrajac co-founded Herts Diabetes Education Charity which gathers all stakeholders in diabetes to exchange experience and learn together. She was awarded a title of Diabetes UK National Clinical Champion in 2015 for her contribution to integrations and improvement of diabetes care in Hertfordshire. Dr Pokrajac has been working on legalisation and standards by contributing to All Party Parliamentary Group for Diabetes.

She is also a committee member for the Association of British Clinical Diabetologists and the ABCD Renal Association special interest group core member and produces national guidelines for the management of diabetes and chronic kidney disease.

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I have been diagnosed with type ii diabetes seven years ago and have been undergoing treatment, consisting of a number of medications. my condition, however, despite the necessary lifestyle changes and careful monitoring has progressively worsened. the somewhat illogical diagnosis postulated by another doctor that ensued was that i must in fact have type i diabetes - which could not have been the case for i would not have survived the past seven years otherwise. it would appear, also, that no other treating consultant has in fact bothered to properly ascertain my condition, which would also imply that i may have been receiving inadequate treatment since the very beginning. dr ana pokrajac has, in the first instance and since i became her patient, correctly diagnosed my condition as lada. she has proceeded to perform a whole range of subsequent testing in order to ascertain the correct - and finally effective - therapy for this condition. in the past few months, my condition has substantially improved, through introduction of adequate medication as well as monitoring procedures that she has suggested. prior to dr pokrajac taking me as her patient, no other doctor has even bothered to verify whether or not i may have a propensity for the lada condition nor have they endeavoured to treat it as such. it is likely that my body has sustained unnecessary damage due to this omission over the years. as a result of my new treatment and dr pokrajac’s dedication to maintaining me in good health, my random glucose is far more stable and my hba1c is registering at 6.00% - which is a wholly impressive result for a person with my condition. i am infinitely grateful to dr pokrajac for her competence and dedication, as well as for her kindness and patience in helping me to live with this chronic condition. i can only hope that both herself as well as the entire london medical clinic team have the opportunity to help as many of us afflicted with diabetes and, thus, greatly improve our lives. i take no reservation in highly recommending dr ana pokrajac to any person seeking competent, informed and, ultimately, effective advice and treatment. dr pokrajac is not only a highly competent scientist - she is a true doctor, of the kind that value their patients’ well being above all.

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