Videos of Professor Bertil Damato

Survivorship and Patient Quality of Life, Dr. Bertil Damato


Bertil Damato was born in Malta, where he received his undergraduate training at the University of Malta. In 1987, he obtained his PhD, basing his thesis on monoclonal antibodies to uveal melanoma. In 1993, he moved to the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, where he founded the Liverpool Ocular Oncology Center, which grew into one of the largest ocular oncology services in the world. In 2013, Dr. Damato moved to the University of California, San Francisco, where he was invited to direct the Ocular Oncology Service. He has pioneered various methods of local resection of uveal melanoma, genetic typing of uveal melanoma, ruthenium plaque radiotherapy, and proton beam radiotherapy of iris melanoma. Other research interests include quality of life after treatment of uveal melanoma, vitreoretinal lymphoma, radiotherapy for conjunctival tumors, and a coding system he is developing for retinoblastoma. He has published more than 270 articles, more than 50 chapters, and several textbooks, one as sole author. Dr. Damato is married to Dr. Frankanne Damato, PhD, MBA, and has two children: Erika, an attending ophthalmologist who is specialist in uveitis at Cambridge, UK; and Stephen, an attending pathologist at Oxford, UK. Dr. Damato’s interests include sailing, cycling, and collecting antique ophthalmic textbooks.

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