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Professional statement

Mr Bruce Allan is one of the most experienced and trusted laser eye surgeons in the UK, and a leading opinion in ICL implantation, corneal transplantation and cataract surgery. He qualified from Cambridge in 1985, and was appointed to the consultant staff at Moorfields in 1998 after advanced specialist training in the UK, South Africa and Australia. He has led the Refractive Surgery Service at Moorfields since 2012, spearheading the development of a state-of-the-art refractive surgery facility there. 

Mr Allan's professional activities include TV radio and press comment on developments in eye surgery, and expert advice for NICE and the MHRA. He has published widely in international peer reviewed journals and is invited all over the world to speak on current research interests including enhanced accuracy in laser eye surgery, DMEK for Fuchs' dystrophy, and new treatments for keratoconus. He is currently an EUCornea Board Member, and chair of the influential Royal College of Ophthalmologists Refractive Surgery Standards Working Group. 

Refractive surgery embraces laser and implant based techniques to correct short sight (myopia), hyperopia (long sight), astigmatism (irregular focus), and presbyopia (loss of reading vision). Mr Allan has a strong reputation for clear and balanced advice regarding treatment, and works hard to ensure that his results are in the front rank both nationally and internationally. 

He lives in North London with his wife, consultant psychiatrist Dr Teresa Borrell, and their three daughters. He is a keen football fan and sailor.

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