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LASIK Eye Surgery Reviews - Marcus


Read more LASIK Eye Surgery Reviews here: Watch Marcus's review of his LASIK Eye Surgery on both of his eyes at Advanced Vision Care on Harley Street in London. Marcus was uncomfortable and totally fed up with his 'magnifying type' glasses. Worse, he had two sets of glasses: 1) Glasses with a strong prescription that he wore 'full time' and 2) Another set of glasses with an even stronger prescription that he needed for reading anything and everything It comes as no surprise that Marcus decided to explore what vision correction treatments were available to him. So he asked his optician for advice on who was the BEST eye clinic in the UK. And he immediately recommended AVC. His Consultation? Well, Marcus was a little bemused that it might take 2 hours or so. After all, why would anyone need that long? But his consultation included a rigorous eye examination using the very latest technology, where AVC's optometrists explained everything along the way. Following that, Marcus then met our lead surgeon, Dr Pillai, who gave him 'so much confidence' that he decided to go ahead and have the treatment. The Day of Surgery? Like many people, Marcus was nervous when it came to the day of his LASIK eye surgery. But he was soon totally relaxed. The procedure was 'very quick' and he 'didn't feel a thing'. In fact: "It was more exciting then nerve-wracking! It was great". Better still, the aftercare was 'excellent'. The Results? "I now consider myself as glasses free" Marcus' recommendation? He's already recommended AVC to his friends and family. "Thanks to Dr Pillai for being so good. I've made some new friends. You've changed my life!" To find out what LASIK Eye Surgery can do for you and your eyesight please visit:

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