Dr George Manole

Consultant urologist and aesthetics expert in London

Dr George Manole areas of expertise:

Professional statement

Dr George Manole is a distinguished consultant urologist practising in London, Manchester and Sheffield, specialising in various aspects of urology and aeshetic medicine. His areas of expertise include penis enlargement, Peyronie's disease, bladder problems, benign prostate enlargement, prostate cancer, and kidney infections.

With a robust academic background, Dr Manole earned his MD from Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy-Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Subsequently, he completed his urology training at the esteemed University Municipal Hospital Cluj Napoca, Romania. He also completed clinical studies in Minneapolis, USA and Maastricht, Netherlands. Dr Manole's commitment to academic excellence is evident in his continuous pursuit of knowledge and dedication to staying at the forefront of medical advancements.

Dr Manole currently serves as a consultant urologist at the London Welbeck Hospital. His earlier experience includes a tenure as a Resident Medical Officer at Rmo International Healthcare, where he honed his skills and garnered invaluable clinical experience. Dr. Manole consistently emphasizes the importance of early diagnosis and treatment, promoting a proactive and preventive approach in urology. Having gained extensive experience in both the private sectors of Romania and the UK, Dr. Manole utilises ultrasound scans, endoscopies, and echo-guided biopsies to offer early diagnostic and treatment options to uro-oncological patients. 

In addition to his expertise in urology, Dr Manole is also highly skilled in various conditions related to andrology, including genital aesthetics, regenerative medicine and men’s sexual dysfunction. He is especially interested in non-surgical penis enlargement techniques and Peyronie's disease treatments.

Fluent in both English and Romanian, Dr Manole ensures effective and personalised patient care. His commitment to the well-being of his patients, coupled with his academic accomplishments, positions Dr George Manole as a trusted and accomplished consultant urologist in London.

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