Dr Justin Hughes

Sports medicine specialist in


Dr Justin Hughes areas of expertise:

Professional statement

Dr Justin Hughes is an expert consultant in sport, exercise, and rehabilitation medicine. Dr Hughes' areas of expertise include knee injuries, neck and back pain, hip and groin pain, foot and ankle injuries, running-related injuries, and he is able to treat patients for a wide range of sports and musculoskeletal injuries. Dr Hughes has a sub-specialist interest in tendinopathy management, and is an expert in the delivery of shockwave therapy. He is considered a leading expert in his specialty and acts as Vice President of the Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine, with past positions as Chairman of the Specialist Advisory Committee and the London Training Programme Management Committee. 

Dr Hughes has served as doctor to the World Champion England Women's Rugby team at the Rugby Woman's World Cup, and he is currently the doctor for the U18 England Rugby County Squad. He is an advocate for his specialty and regularly lectures both nationally and internationally, promoting his specialty around the world. 

Diseases, Medical Tests and Treatments

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