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Mr Kesava Reddy Mannur

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Buckhurst Hill


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Professional statement

Mr Kesava Reddy Mannur is a leading London consultant bariatric and laparoscopic surgeon. Mr Mannur started his laparoscopic surgical work in 1990 and bariatric surgery in 1998. He established the bariatric surgical unit at Homerton University Hospital, London in 2003 and developed this into one of the leading-reputed centres in bariatric surgery in the UK. He was the Director of Bariatric Surgery and consultant surgeon at Homerton University Hospital until 2017.

Mr Mannur specialises in Gastric Bypass, Banded Gastric Bypass, One anastomosis Gastric bypass, sleeve Gastrectomy, Gastric band, band to bypass or sleeve and gastric bypass to Duodenal Switch or SADI-S for obesity, hernia repair, cholecystectomy for gallstones and Hiatus hernia repair or fundoplication.

He has conducted a number of bariatric surgery symposiums and courses both in the UK and India and continues to train a lot of surgeons in these fields. Mr Mannur has been presenting his work both at the national and international obesity surgery conferences and has work published in peer-reviewed obesity surgery journals. He has performed about 4.500 bariatric surgeries.

Mr Mannur served in the British Obesity & Metabolic Surgery Society council to help them develop high standards in bariatric surgery in the UK. He has also been an advisor to NICE guidelines.

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