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Mr Minhal Chatoo is a leading consultant orthopaedic knee surgeon based in Hertfordshire and a faculty member of the Basingstoke International Knee Osteotomy Symposium, the principal knee osteotomy conference in the UK. One of the UK’s highest-volume knee osteotomy surgeons, Mr Chatoo’s practice deals exclusively with knee problems, such as sports injuries or arthritic conditions that affect the knee.

Mr Chatoo completed training at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore. Following this, he undertook fellowship training at New York University Medical Centre and was subsequently appointed as a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at East and North Herts NHS Trust in 2003. He later developed the knee osteotomy service at Lister Hospital, which is now a knee preservation surgery centre for the region. The knee osteotomy service has carried out more than 350 knee osteotomies since its establishment.

He always carries out diagnostic investigations and a full patient assessment with the objective of treating pathologies and injuries without surgery, if possible. When surgery is indicated, Mr Chatoo performs a wide range of surgical procedures, including arthroscopy, meniscal repairs, single and multiple knee ligament reconstructions, femoral and tibial osteotomies, partial and total knee replacement, and patella realignment and stabilisation.

In cases of knee arthritis, Mr Chatoo is passionate about preserving as much of the knee joint as possible and has extensive experience performing knee sparing procedures, such as high tibial and distal femoral osteotomies. When osteotomies are not possible, Mr Chatoo regularly performs partial or total knee replacements.

Mr Chatoo carries out the latest keyhole techniques for the treatment and management of ACL/cruciate ligament and meniscal/cartilage injuries. He also performs the main primary and revision ACL/cruciate ligament reconstructions in addition to multi ligament reconstructions.

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