Maxillofacial surgeons in Birmingham

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Here are some of the top experts in the vicinity:

Mr Andrew Camilleri

Maxillofacial surgeon

Skin cancer on face, Wisdom teeth , Salivary gland surgery, Mouth cancer , Facial reconstruction , Oral surgery


Mr Alan Parbhoo

Maxillofacial surgeon (1)

Facial reconstruction , Facial plastic surgery , Skin cancer, Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), Salivary glands pathology, Oral surgery


Mr Bhavin G Visavadia

Maxillofacial & Oral Surgeon & Facial Plastic Surgeon (2)

Facial plastic surgery , Dental implants , Facial reconstruction , Head and neck cancer, Oral surgery , Salivary gland surgery


Mr Kavin Andi

Maxillofacial surgeon (4)

Mouth cancer , Head and neck cancer, Oral surgery , Skin cancer, Salivary gland surgery, Facial reconstruction


Mr Nicholas Kalavrezos

Maxillofacial surgeon

Head and neck cancer, Salivary gland surgery, Facial reconstruction , Thyroid surgery , Neck lump, Sarcoma


Mr Ashraf Messiha

Maxillofacial surgeon (3)

Facial implants , Facial reconstruction , Oral surgery , Orthognathic surgery ,


Miss Katherine George

Maxillofacial and facial plastic surgeon (9)

Facial reconstruction , Facelift , Salivary gland surgery, Skin cancer, Wisdom teeth , Orthognathic surgery


Mr Luke Cascarini

Maxillofacial surgeon (6)

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), Jaw joint (TMJ) , Oral surgery , Mouth cancer , Dental implants ,


Mr Val Sharma

Maxillofacial surgeon

Oral surgery , Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), Skin cancer, Facial reconstruction ,


Mr Neil Shah

Maxillofacial surgeon (2)

Parotid gland, Wisdom teeth , Salivary gland surgery, Orofacial Pain , Mouth cancer , Oral surgery


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