Dr Previn Diwakar

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Professional statement

Dr Previn Diwakar is a top clinical and interventional radiologist based in London, who specialises in treating varicose veins and delivering embolisation treatments. He has been practising at Whiteley Clinics since 2012 as well as serving as a consultant interventional radiologist at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital - a leading teaching hospital in embolotherapy for the treatment of venous abnormalities and cancer.

Born in Glasgow and raised in Kent, Dr Diwakar graduated from Charing Cross & Westminster Medical School (University of London). He first trained in plastic surgery in Salisbury and Chelmsford and later specialised in endovascular interventional radiology, training at Barts & The Royal London Hospital. He is now a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and a Fellow of the Royal College of Radiologists. His work on pelvic vein embolisation has been published in peer-reviewed articles and he has written several book chapters on the subject in addition to lecturing both nationally and internationally. 

Dr Diwakar is a dedicated specialist who aims to give his patients the best possible outcomes, using The Whiteley Protocol® in his clinical practice.

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