Spondylolisthesis Specialists in London

Mr G Michael Hess

Orthopaedic surgeon

Spinal surgery, Minimally invasive spinal surgery , Sciatica , Lumbar herniated disc, Osteoporosis of the spine, Second medical opinion


Mr Martin Knight

Endoscopic spinal surgeon

Minimally invasive spinal surgery , Failed back surgery syndrome, Degenerative disc disease, Spinal stenosis, Sciatica , Osteoporosis of the spine


Mr Mohamed Ahmed

Orthopaedic surgeon (3)

Discectomy, Spinal surgery, Spinal endoscopy, Spinal fusion, Lumbar spinal surgery , Lumbar fusion


Mr Mo Akmal

Orthopaedic surgeon (9)

Back pain , Spine fracture, Spinal stenosis, Spinal fusion, Kyphoplasty, Minimally invasive spinal surgery


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Mr Andrew Fitzgerald

Orthopaedic surgeon (1)

Spinal surgery, Hand surgery , Wrist surgery, Elbow , Carpal tunnel surgery , Hand arthritis


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