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Repair of a Loose Bracket


Dana's patient is having one loose bracket removed and then replaced with a new one. Be sure to check out the two gorgeous phone apps designed by Dana. The first app is called "Colour my Brace" and the second is called "OrthoGuide". Thanks for watching! Please take a look at: MY WEBSITE : MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Have you tried the Colour My Brace app? This app is available from the App store. Colour My Brace is good for choosing the next colour to wear on the brace.  Check out the link below. Have you tried the OrthoGuide app?    You can download it for free from the App store.  OrthoGuide App which is good for calculating the treatment length and getting directions to the practices where you can get braces treatment with Dr Dana Bondoc Specialist Orthodontist.  See link below. If your phone is Android then the OrthoGuide app can be downloaded from Google Play by following the link below: Disclaimer: this post is not sponsored. Some links may be affiliate links. The music for this video is entitled Bumblebee and the artist's name is TVDS. Here are the full details: Artist Name:TVDS Video Link: Beatport Download Link: PURCHASE ON BEATPORT: PURCHASE ON BANDCAMP: Label Channel: Artist Social links: Facebook: Soundcloud: YouTube: Website:

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