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EndoCare offers patients the very best in endodontic treatment, along with an exceptional standard of care. The staff at EndoCare are dedicated to diagnosing and treating dental pain, through a highly-skilled, specialist team, both at their Harley Street location and their Richmond location in London. The team at EndoCare are experts in their field, offering not only significant experience, but a high standard of care and a warm, friendly approach when it comes to treating dental pain, which is not always easy to diagnose. Many patients are referred to EndoCare clinic through their regular dentist for their skill and experience in assessing dental pain. 

The clinic also offers root canal treatment, root canal re-treatment for failed root canal procedures, and endodontic microsurgery (such as apicoectomy). EndoCare makes use of state-of-the-art technology, and the highest quality treatment, ensuring patients are supported every step of the way. Both clinics also offer weekend opening hours and emergency consultation.

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