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Dr Morgan Moorghen is a highly experienced consultant gastrointestinal histopathologist. After completing his undergraduate medical studies at the Universities of St Andrews and Manchester, he moved to Newcastle upon Tyne where he trained in histopathology and also began to develop a specialist research interest in gastrointestinal pathology and colorectal cancer. He is currently the lead gastrointestinal pathologist at St Mark’s hospital and also plays an active role in the teaching and research activities of the St Mark’s hospital academic institute. Dr Moorghen has published extensively and contributes widely to the postgradaute training of doctors.

In his day to day practice he examines biopsy material and excised surgical specimens from multiple sites in the alimentary tract in order to make an accurate diagnosis which would enable the surgeon and gastroenterologist to plan for appropriate treatment. Diseases which are of particular interest include Barrett’s oesophagus, gastric cancer, coeliac disease, inflammatory bowel diseases, colorectal cancer and rare tumours arising in the bowel. For some challenging cases the diagnosis is based on more sophisticated tests such as immunohistochemistry and molecular techniques.

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