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What to expect from earlobe reduction surgery

An earlobe reduction surgery takes roughly 30 minutes under local anaesthetic. The ears are often overlooked by parents when it comes to plastic surgery, however, having them reduced to a smaller size can often make a big difference to how patients feel about themselves. We spoke with Miss Katherine George, a highly experienced maxillofacial and facial plastic surgeon, to discuss the benefits of this procedure, how its performed, what the success rate is and what the risks are.

Nail disorders: how should they be treated?

Whether it's nail psoriasis, paronychia, onychogryphosis, or fungal infections, there is a myriad of ways our nails can be affected, and what's ironic is that it's a part of our body that is often overlooked. It's often important that they're treated promptly. In this latest Q&A, the highly regarded dermatologist, Dr Ravi Ratnavel, spoke to us about nail disorders, more specifically fungal and bacterial infections. Discover some home remedies for your niggling nail disorders in this article.

How to treat acne scars

When experiencing acne, it can feel like a struggle to feel good about ourselves. Even more so if we're faced with it during our teen years when we are developing our sense of self. It can have a lasting impact. Luckily, with the help of Dr Hiba Injibar, an expert dermatologist, the effects of acne on both our skin and mental health can be minimised. With her impressive repertoire in dermatology, Dr Injibar offers comprehensive care for treating the root cause of acne and also the more persistent symptoms that include scarring. Find out how acne scarring can be avoided, why it sometimes occurs, and what the treatment options are for smoother skin, in this latest Q&A with Dr Injibar who is based on Harley Street in London.

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