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Young, fresh and natural: What could a deep facelift do for you?

A deep facelift can freshen the appearance of the face and neck, giving a younger appearance overall. In this expert guide to the procedure, respected consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon Mr Giovanni Ferrando details what to expect from deep facelift surgery and explains how he achieves the most natural results for his patients.

How do I know if my baby has craniosynostosis?

Children born with craniosynostosis can experience problems with brain growth, head shape and facial function. Depending on the individual case, surgery could be needed. Mr Juling Ong, leading consultant craniofacial, cosmetic and paediatric plastic surgeon, provides a comprehensive overview of the condition, including what exactly is craniosynostosis and at what age is craniosynostosis surgery done.

Surgery for the vaginal labia explained

Women who have a large or uneven labia minora may choose to reduce its size and correct its symmetry through a labiaplasty, a common genital plastic surgery. Mr Muhammad Javaid, leading consultant plastic surgeon, provides a comprehensive overview of the procedure, explaining the growing demand for labiaplasty, sex after labiaplasty and feeling in the labia after labiaplasty.

What should I avoid doing after my facelift?

A facelift can most certainly be a life-changing experience, as it can greatly improve the appearance of one's facial skin. It is, however, important to know what potential side effects could be experienced after undergoing a facelift procedure. In this article, esteemed plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgeon, Mr Fateh Ahmad, outlines the main risks associated with the procedure, and tells patients what they should avoid doing in the immediate aftermath of their facelift.

Lip augmentation: getting the lips you love

If you are considering getting lip augmentation, there are certain factors you will need to consider, such as do I want temporary or longer-term results, and how much am I willing to pay. Leading London-based consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon Ms Nefer Fallico outlines the different options available in a clear and conscience manner to help you decide which procedure is the best for you!

Can a facelift last 20 years?

If you’re considering a facelift, there are several factors to carefully consider beforehand. How long will the results last is one of the key questions. Highly distinguished consultant plastic surgeon, Mr Ayad Harb provides a comprehensive overview of facelift aesthetic surgery, ways to make a facelift procedure last longer and what can patients expect from a clinic offering such treatment.

Considering having your breast implants removed and replaced? Here's what you should know

You may be considering a replacement or removal of your breast implants if you have had them for more than 15 years. In our latest article, highly esteemed Brentwood-based consultant breast surgeon, Mr Venkat Ramakrishnan, answers all of your frequently asked questions about a breast removal and replacement procedure.

Hands up for a confidence-boosting arm lift!

As we age, a loss of elasticity in our skin can lead to sagging and drooping, particularly in the upper arm area. We invited highly respected plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon Mr Fateh Ahmad to explain more about brachioplasty, the arm lifting procedure that can add tone and defintiion to the upper arm in this illuminating article.

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