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STIs: symptoms, testing and when to see a urologist

STIs (sexually transmitted infections) are very common. In fact, about 20% of people in their 20s have experienced an STI. Usually, patients will first go straight to a GP or sexual health clinic for symptoms. However, if first-line treatment doesn’t work, patients may be referred to a genitourinary specialist (a urologist who also looks after the sexual reproductive system) to investigate the cause.

Advancements in diagnosing and treating prostate cancer

Mr Mathias Winkler is an expert in prostate cancer screening. In this article we found out if a 'prostagram', will ever become available for those who are faced with the risk of this disease. Ideally, it would be similar to how a mammogram works for females who screen for breast cancer. Find out how far away we are from having a more accurate and effective test, and discover more on what the latest innovations are for this diagnostic test.

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