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Cervical cancer screening: what does it mean when CIN is detected?

Cervical cancer most commonly affects younger women, so it is important to have regular cervical smear tests to ensure that any sign of pre-cancerous cells is dealt with. If abnormalities are detected in a smear test, you may be referred for a colposcopy. CIN is one such abnormality that a colposcopy can detect. Mr Angus McIndoe, a leading gynaecologist, explains what CIN is and how they can be treated.

Understanding postmenopausal bleeding

Once women have gone through the menopause, they should not experience any bleeding, spotting or coloured discharge. If this is experienced postmenopausally, you should seek the advice of a specialist. Mr Angus McIndoe, a renowned obstetrician and gynaecologist, explains what happens at a doctor’s appointment when investigating postmenopausal bleeding and the possible causes behind it.

Ovarian cysts: types and treatment

Ovarian cysts can come in many forms, and most of the time do not require treatment. However, on occasions, they do require surgical intervention. Mr Angus McIndoe, an expert obstetrician and gynaecologist discusses the different types of ovarian cysts, possible symptoms and when treatment is required.

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