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What are lipomas how can removed

Lipomas are soft, painless lumps that grow slowly under the skin. While they don't normally cause any harm, they tend to grow larger and you may choose to have one removed to feel less self-conscious of the unsightly swelling. Miss Sujatha Tadiparthi, a leading plastic surgeon based in Surrey, Kent and London, explains what they are and what to expect when you undergo a lipoma removal procedure.

Things to consider before having breast reduction surgery

Are you thinking about having breast reduction surgery? We spoke with a leading consultant plastic surgeon about the procedure, the potential risks and complications, the cost, what the difference is between a breast lift and a breast uplift and whether it's possible to breastfeed after a reduction mammaplasty. In this second part of our conversation regarding breast reduction surgery, Miss Sujatha Tadiparthi explains some things to consider before having the procedure.

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