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Dr Derek Blincow is a leading child and adolescent psychiatrist with more than thirty years of experience. He has expertise in child protection, resilient therapy, autism and children's response to trauma, to name but a few. After gaining his medical qualifications in 1981, Dr Blincow completed psychiatric training at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospitals until 1990 when he became a consultant in child and adolescent psychiatry in Sussex hospitals.

Over the past two decades, Dr Blincow has held several important positions, including Clinical Director of Child and Adolescent Mental Health services at the Sussex Partnership Trust and the Director of Children's Services at the South Downs Health NHS Trust. Currently, Dr Blincow has a caseload of more than 150 cases on broad spectrum child and adolescent mental health disorders. He is trained in family therapy, CBT, psychodynamic therapies and pharmacological treatments. Dr Blincow is also an expert witness and has appeared in more than 600 court cases over the last eighteen years.

Further to his medical practice, Dr Blincow is committed to education and currently serves as a visiting fellow at the University of Brighton. He was also an honorary lecturer in psychiatry at City University, London between 1986 and 1989. Further to this, Dr Blincow has published a lot on resilient therapy, co-authoring a book of the same title in 2007 and contributing to numerous journal and book chapters as well. At present, Dr Blincow is consultant at The Priory Hospital Tricehurst House in East Sussex.

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