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Dr Pramod Prabhakaran is a consultant psychiatrist specialising in adult and elderly emotional and cognitive health. He has over 20 years' experience in clinical, educational and leadership roles in the UK.

His specialities include neuropsychiatry and cognitive disorders (such as Alzheimer's, vascular frontotemporal dementia, Parkinson's disease and Lewy Body dementia) and general adult and rehabilitation psychiatry (such as depression, bipolar disorderanxiety disorders and adult ADHD).  As well as treating patients' conditions, Dr Prabhakaran provides medico-legal psychiatric services, such as capacity assessments including financial capacity and capacity to make a will.

Dr Prabhakaran became a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 2002 having trained at the Imperial College Psychiatric Training Scheme in London. He has been a consultant psychiatrist in the NHS since 2006 and was joint course director for undergraduate psychiatry at Imperial College School of Medicine for seven years. He also worked as Divisional Medical Director at London’s CNWL NHS Trust and was responsible for a large portfolio of community and mental health services throughout NW London. Dr Prabhakaran's experience includes working in a number of mental health settings including community teams, acute inpatient services, memory services, intermediate care, rehabilitation services and hospital liaison.

He has a truly integrative and personalised approach to health, fitness and wellbeing focussing on achieving the best possible outcomes. He works using comprehensive personalised emotional and physical well-being plans, in collaboration with a range of experts, incorporating advanced testing including genomics, biomarkers, nutritional and fitness assessment and brain imaging. He has a special interest in neuropsychiatric conditions and advises on a range of cognitive strengthening and stimulation programmes.

Dr Prabhakaran has global clinical experience underpinned by a keen interest in cultural, religious and spiritual influences on wellbeing. He works with a global network of like-minded collaborators and is involved in mental health service developments in the Middle East. In addition to his clinical role, he is the Programme Director for International Business at Imperial College Health Partners, bringing together world-leading academic and healthcare organisations.

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