Video del Mr Will Kieffer

Spinal disc replacement and spinal fusion: a comprehensive guide - Online interview


Back and neck pain can certainly disrupt one's daily life as movement may become extremely difficult, or, in severe cases, be completely restricted. Fortunately, serious back and neck issues as well as general pain can be treated effectively with the aid of two procedures: a spinal disc replacement and a spinal fusion. On hand to explain the difference between the two and the pair's overall effectiveness is expert consultant orthopaedic spinal surgeon, Mr Will Kieffer. In our latest online interview, Mr Kieffer describes what the two procedures entail and reveals the commonest risks and side effects associated with both operations. If you feel as though one or both of these procedures might be a good suit for you, you can consult with Mr Kieffer to discuss further by visiting his Top Doctors profile here today: ✔ Follow us on Instagram: ✔ Follow us on Facebook: ✔ Follow us on Twitter:

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