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What is interceptive orthodontics?

Around one-third of UK children have teeth which would benefit from orthodontic treatment. The majority who need orthodontics will start treatment around the age of 11 or 12. Interceptive orthodontics will benefit some children from an earlier age to avoid dental complications in the future. Orthodontist Dr Asif Chatoo tells us more about interceptive orthodontics and what children it can help.

Will I need a root canal? Diagnosing dental pain.

Diagnosing dental pain is a form of art. Many factors need to be taken into consideration and a lot of information gathered to form a diagnosis or differential diagnosis. It’s important not only to use a radiograph and an X-ray but to hear what the patient feels and how they describe their pain. Dr Adi Moran, an endodontist in London tells us how we can diagnose a toothache and when we need root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment explained

Root canal treatment can treat infected or decayed teeth. Symptoms that may precede root canal treatment include pain when eating or chewing, swollen gums, facial swelling, or the tooth may have darkened in colour. It is important to acknowledge such symptoms and see a dentist as soon as possible. Dr Satinder Matharu, a leading endodontist, gives us the facts about this often feared dental treatment.

What is an apicoectomy?

An apicoectomy is an endodontic surgical procedure which is carried out to remove the tip of the tooth's root, and the root end cavity is then filled with a type of biocompatible material. This might sound a little complicated, but leading endodontist Dr Federico Foschi is here to explain how exactly an apicoectomy is performed, why it is needed, and why it's different to a root canal procedure.

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