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Colon capsule endoscopy: making the uncomfortable more comfortable

For decades, a colonoscopy has been the gold standard method to have an examination of the large bowel. However, a new technique called a colon capsule endoscopy is revolutionising colonic assessment by being both non invasive and painless. Leading consultant gastroenterologist Dr Amit Chattree provides further detail about what it is and what a patient can expect from the procedure in this article.

GORD in expert detail

Acid-related disorders are prevalent in western society and millions of consultations are held in UK every year. For example, in 1998 (now over 20 years ago) there were 14.8 million appointments at GP surgeries for GORD and related conditions. While many people with mild cases of acid reflux and GORD can easily manage their symptoms, more severe situations could require further treatment which may include surgery. Leading consultant general and upper GI surgeon Professor Khurshid Akhtar speaks to Top Doctors about GORD in detail, alongside what's involved in the surgical procedure to fix GORD and frequently asked questions, in this informative article.

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