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How are developmental delays in children diagnosed?

Developmental delays in young infants can make it extremely challenging for them to regulate and deal with their emotions as they reach adulthood. In our latest article, highly esteemed paediatrician and neonatologist, Dr Olga Kapellou, explains how children can still reach their full potential despite suffering from a developmental delay, as well as also detailing how an infant developmental issue is typically diagnosed.

Young infants and winter respiratory viruses: how parents can protect their susceptible newborns

Newborn infants, especially within their first year of life, can be adversely affected by various common winter respiratory viruses, such as the common cold. In our latest article, highly experienced paediatric specialists, Dr Martin Gray and Dr Margarita Burmester share their expertise with regards to how parents can best protect their young infants from potentially dangerous winter respiratory viruses.

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