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Personalised approach to GORD by an expert

While everyone experiences minor symptoms of acid reflux at some point, usually following a spicy meal, reflux can become quite problematic in some people when it occurs frequently and in some people it can completely disrupt their life. With a number of available treatment options, selecting one that is suitable and appropriate for an individual can be quite a dilemma. Providing some guidance, experienced consultant surgeon Mr Krishna Moorthy goes into the personalised approach to GORD in this article.

Abdominal pain: causes, diagnosis, and treatment

Abdominal pain, particuarly if persistent, can be a real cause for concern for many, and is most commonly associated with a more serious medical condition. Here, esteemed consultant general surgeon, Mr Charles Evans, provides an informative insight into what causes abdominal pain, what specific tests are usually required to detect the primary cause of abdominal pain, as well as revealing when surgery is required.

Pancreatic cancer: causes, symptoms, and treatment

Pancreatic cancer can undoubtedly be a life-altering diagnosis for many. Thankfully, however, the cancer can be treated if a prompt diagnosis is made. As part of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, we recently asked esteemed consultant surgeon, Mr Satyajit Bhattacharya, to provide us with an expert explanation in relation to pancreatic cancer.

Gastric band surgery: all you need to know

Gastric band surgery can lead to a significant amount of weight loss and can thus reduce the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. In our latest article, highly experienced consultant general and bariatric surgeon, Mr Shashi Irukulla, explains what a gastric band surgical procedure entails, reveals who the operation is suitable for, as well as outlining the potential complications of the procedure.

Duodenal switch procedure – switching things up in weight loss surgery

The traditional biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BPD/DS) procedure restricts the amount of food you can eat, and also reduces the amount of nutrients your body can absorb. However, whilst it is effective in enabling patients to lose weight, there are concerns regarding vitamin and protein malnutrition due to the amount of small intestine removed. Mr Kesava Reddy Mannur, a top surgeon, explains what the newer, modified version of BPD/DS surgery involves (the DS/SADI procedure).

Laparoscopy: an expert overview of the surgical procedure

Laparoscopy is a highly effective, minimally invasive surgical procedure typically performed to identify the cause(s) of abdominal pain and ultimately put a stop to the pain. In our latest article, revered consultant general surgeon, Mr Paul Leeder, details what exactly a laparoscopy surgical procedure entails, when it is recommended and how it is generally performed.

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