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Rapid sciatica success for grandmother

There's no doubt the limitations that sciatica bring to everyday life, especially for those with severe symptoms, are physically difficult to work around. When it stops you seeing your loved ones, it can become emotionally impossible. Leading spinal neurosurgeon Mr Iqroop Chopra helped one hard-working grandmother with sciatica get back to her professional and family life with little to no waiting time. Find out about Ms Louise Kean's story, by reading on.

180-degree turnaround for darts player after sciatica surgery

David Cheal, a keen darts player with severe symptoms of sciatica that were so bad, he found himself struggling with everyday tasks such as boiling the kettle - while his passion for the sport was understandably dampened. Read how esteemed consultant neurosurgeon Mr Iqroop Chopra played a significant part in bringing Mr Cheal's back to full health, so much so that he went on to become a darts champion on the international stage.

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