Nasal deformities: septoplasty vs. rhinoplasty

Autore: Mr Joe Marais
Editor: Robert Smith

A nasal deformity is an abnormality in the appearance and structure of the nose that can result in difficulty breathing, impaired sense of smell and other issues.

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We recently caught up with Mr Joe Marais, an extremely experienced consultant Rhinologist, Nasal Plastic & ENT surgeon based in London, to discuss nasal deformities and the treatment options. We also discussed how his clinic have adapted to the current COVID-19 situation.


What causes nasal deformities?

Nasal deformities are common in the general population and are the result of several possible causes. We all think first of all of injury when considering nasal deformity and indeed, many are caused by injury: including accidental, sporting or even assault. But there are other causes too: some people are born with a deformity which may get worse when the nose and facial bones grow and some deformities may even be the result of complications of previous surgery.

Whatever the cause of nasal deformity, it can cause two broad problems: nasal obstruction and external visible/ cosmetic nasal deformity. These do not always go together. Some people have nasal blockage and a normal-looking nose, whilst others may have a dreadful-looking nose but normal breathing - whilst others yet may have both nasal blockage and a horrible external deformity.

What is the best way of treating nasal deformities?

The treatment of nasal deformity requires a specialist with skills in dealing with both abnormalities of nasal function (such as blockage), but also in cosmetic nasal improvement – not just either/or. This is the task of a Rhinologist. With many years of treating such patients, I am pleased to say that I can deal with the whole range of such deformities and problems. And even now, during the height of the Covid pandemic, we are able to offer such surgeries in a safe, comfortable and Covid-free environment. Being tested twice-weekly, as Consultants, we are happy that we are not exposing any of our patients to any Covid-risks. The Hospital, too, runs a strict anti-Covid policy.

When would a septoplasty be needed and how does it compare with a rhinoplasty?

The specifics of exactly what operation is required to solve a particular problem obviously depends on the exact nature of the deformity. Broadly-speaking, internal problems, such as a deviated nasal septum (the central cartilage in the nose) may be corrected by means of a “Septoplasty”, whilst external nasal deformities (such as a crooked/bent nose) require a “Rhinoplasty”, although in reality these operations are used in varying combinations – usually referred to as a “Septorhinoplasty”. The rhinoplasty element of surgery is a bigger operation than a septoplasty alone, and is more likely to result in bruising. However, in both pain is not often severe, but recovery means avoiding all physical activity for a week post-operatively. Both operations (and combinations thereof) have a very high success rate and level of satisfaction.

If you would like surgery to treat a nasal deformity, we recommend booking an appointment with a highly regarded consultant Rhinologist, Nasal Plastic & ENT surgeon such as Mr Joe Marais. Click here to visit his Top Doctors profile today for information on appointment availability.

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Mr Joe Marais

Joe Marais è un rinologo consulente , chirurgo plastico nasale e otorinolaringoiatra con sede a Londra, che tratta una vasta gamma di condizioni e detiene un interesse speciale per la rinoplastica , la settoplastica , la deformità nasale e la chirurgia del seno .

Marais si è formato come junior doctor a Londra ed a Edimburgo prima di fare esperienza con alcuni dei migliori chirurghi otorinolaringoiatrici al mondo in Texas, negli Stati Uniti e successivamente a Toronto, in Canada.

Molto rispettato nel suo campo, Marais ha pubblicato numerosi articoli accademici e ha tenuto conferenze a livello nazionale e internazionale. L'assistenza del paziente è fondamentale per Marais e mira a fornire la soluzione migliore e più semplice per i suoi pazienti.

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