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Leg pain: causes, symptoms and when to see a specialist

Leg pain is something that we have all experienced in some shape or form in our lives, but do we actually know what causes it or when we should see a specialist about the pain? In our latest article, revered London-based orthopaedic surgeon, Mr Shahid Punwar, advises us in relation to when we should seek medical attention with regards to leg pain and explains the main causes.

What range of motion should I be getting after my knee replacement?

Are you on the verge of undergoing a knee replacement surgical operation or are considering the possibility? If so, our latest article contains your all-you-need-to-know guide in relation to how to improve your knee flexion and range of motion following the transformative procedure. On hand to explain what exactly range of motion and flexion of the knee are (and more) is highly esteemed orthopaedic surgeon, Mr Christopher Arthur Bailey.

How your heart may be affecting your lungs

Did you know that shortness of breath may actually be caused by problems of the heart? One of these is called pulmonary hypertension (PH). But what causes pulmonary hypertension and how does it affect the lungs? Dr Francesco Lo Giudice, consultant cardiologist expert in this condition, explains it all in this follow-up article from his first on shortness of breath.

Shortness of breath: should I worry?

Regular daily activities can cause us to get short of breath. However, if we experience too much shortness of breath, this can be concerning and could be the indication of something more serious. Highly experienced consultant cardiologist Dr Francesco Lo Giudice, part of the national pulmonary hypertension service team at Hammersmith Hospital, describes in this article what doctors look for in a patient experiencing shortness of breath and what it could mean.

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