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“Le opinioni dei pazienti sono uno dei pilastri di Top Doctors, arricchiscono il nostro processo di selezione e fanno parte della nostra politica di trasparenza”.

Alberto E. Porciani
CEO Top Doctors Europe & LATAM

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Fino al 19/05/2019
Siamo consapevoli dell'importanza delle opinioni e delle valutazioni degli altri pazienti: infatti il 75% delle persone controlla le opinioni prima di prendere una decisione. Per questo motivo in Top Doctors garantiamo l'autenticità di tutte le valutazioni assicurandoci che siano reali attraverso un sistema di autentificazione.
In cosa consiste questo sistema di autentificazione?
1. Solo i pazienti che hanno richiesto un appuntamento attraverso Top Doctors possono valutare e lasciare commenti.
2. Verifichiamo che il paziente si sia presentato all'appuntamento. Una valutazione reale si può basare solo su un'esperienza reale.
3. Pubblichiamo tutte le valutazioni. Che sia positivo o negativo, qualsiasi commento verrà pubblicato sul profilo del dottore. *
Questo sistema riduce il numero totale delle valutazioni, rende il processo più lento, obbliga il paziente ad aspettare la risposta via mail, la quale arriverà solo una volta verificata l'autenticità dei dati. Tuttavia sappiamo che quando parliamo di salute, l'importante non è la quantità bensì la qualità. Sapendo che esiste questo processo ed un team che verifica le informazioni e conferma che le opinioni siano reali, ci assicuriamo di aiutare in modo concreto i pazienti.
*Non verranno accettati commenti con contenuti pubblicitari, insulti o incitamenti alla violenza.

Opinioni dei pazienti:

S.M. 18/05/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Myer Mark Yodaiken


Absolutely wonderful I would highly recommend this guy . Sorted my problem and I am so grateful

R. Birmingham 18/05/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Andrew Peter Holt


Brilliant doctor. Explained everything in a nice detailed and simple manner. Would recommend him to anyone who is seeking advice for the treatment

J.H. 17/05/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Bhupendra Dev Sarmah


Mr.Sarmah has been my consultant for over a year and I trust him completely. He is kind, attentive & genuinely interested in resolving the medical issue.

S.M. 17/05/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Professor Muntzer Mughal


Professor Mughal combines the highest skills as a surgeon with a quiet modesty,, that communicates not just integrity but the fact that he really cares.

I.K. 15/05/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Ms Lydia Badia


Lydia is the most caring professional and skilled doctor I have met! As a woman I wouldn't go anywhere for procedures and rhinoplasty! So lucky to have met her!

I.l. Epsom 15/05/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Paul Hamilton


Very honest and down to earth.

G.H. 14/05/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Florian Bast


Professional, and very knowledgeable ENT doctor. 10/10 on surgery from consultation to procedure and follow up appointments.

I. 13/05/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Christian Barnick


A great professional and a lovely person to deal with!

C.T. 13/05/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Christian Barnick


Friendly, competent, emphatic

S.V. London 12/05/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Philip Mitchell


Mr Mitchell performed both my hip replacements. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

D.M. London 10/05/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Ms Louisa Wickham


Vert professional and a skilled surgeon

W.T. 10/05/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Aathavan Loganayagam


Building is tired and outdated, but staff were friendly and efficient. Dr Loganayagam was kind and approachable and I felt he listened patiently to me.

R.H. 10/05/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Sam Khemani


I visited Mr Khemani after repeated bouts of tonsillitis and more recently a serious peritonsillar abscess. During my initial consultation Mr Khemani explained the procedures available including risks of bleeding etc. He also was clear that recovery is typically more challenging for an adult compared to a child patient, when most of these procedures are undertaken. He listened to my questions and concerns addressing them all. After giving me the opportunity to consider the options we booked in for a hybrid intracapsular and extracapsular tonsillectomy due to the nature of scarring from my recent peritonsillar abscess. His guidance on how I would recover in the immediate two weeks post operation was helpful and accurate. I was able to return to work after two weeks and now, 6 weeks post operation, I am back to exercising at a good level (>130km bike rides) with no complications.

L.G. 10/05/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Sui-Chien Wong


Mr Sui-Chien Wong is an exceptional surgeon his skill is second to none his manner & complete understanding is fantastic he saved my sight a knighthood please.

Z.O. 09/05/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Ms Lydia Badia


Lydia from start to finish made me feel at ease, giving long lasting natural results. Botox queen.

J.h. 08/05/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Kieran Power


After having breast cancer op/chemo & radio I had been left with rather distorted breasts. 2 yrs later I met Kieran & he has changed my life .. he is amazing

N. 06/05/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Dev Shah


Fantastic consultation - thank you very much for your help and advice, I feel much more postive with your plan

K.L. London 05/05/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Rajendra Rai


we appreciated his honesty and his sensitivity

D.C. London 05/05/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Jonathan Kwan


I had reason to consult Dr. Kwan urgently following a very adverse renal function test. He diagnosed my problem in minutes. I can absolutely recommend Dr. Kwan.

S.F. London 04/05/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Sean Blaney


Very knowledgeable and thorough, I was quite pleased with his assessment

J. 02/05/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Asif Chatoo


I am very impressed by the clinical assessment & the clarity with which the options have benn explained. It gives me full confidence I'm in good hands.

J.P. 02/05/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Aathavan Loganayagam


Doctor Loganayagam is an excellent professional in his field. His investigations for my case were thorough and he explained his findings well to me. Thank you.

S. 01/05/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Michael Pringle


Mr Pringle was very professional and showed great skill in my complicated ear surgery .He was available for advice before and after surgery . Highly recommended

T.S. 01/05/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Marc Laniado


Marc has given me superlative professional treatment in a friendly and sympathetic manner. Would recommend him to any similar sufferers.

K. 01/05/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Nizar Hamadeh


Very glad that I chosen Mr Hamadeh to do my procedure

K.A. 01/05/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Aathavan Loganayagam


Very good care and professional staff

J.L. 30/04/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Michael Pringle


Made Lois age 5 feel confident & comfortable whilst he carried out his testing & as her mum I could see she was nervous but Mr Pringle could read it too.

A.L. 30/04/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Aathavan Loganayagam


I found Doctor Loganayagam very helpful,informative and thorough in his approach to my diagnosis

A. 30/04/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Aathavan Loganayagam


I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Loganayagam. He is very approachable and reassuring and the procedure was very straightforward.

R. 29/04/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Nick Ferran


Nick, was recommended to me by an esteemed colleague in the same field. Nick and his team were first class in dealing with you as a customer!

C.G. London 27/04/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Ms Theresa Richardson


Ms Richardson removed two cysts from my left eye lid. I came into the appointment very uneasy and she made me feel much better about the procedure!

D. London 26/04/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Sameer Zar


Dr Zar is indeed a Top Doctor

P.H. London 26/04/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Gordon Muir


A good experience on all counts

M.W. 25/04/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Michael Pringle


At last access to a doctor who can tell you how it is and in a manner guaranteed to put you at ease.

C.S. 24/04/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Christopher Lawrence


As a person who is nervous about medical issues, I find Chris Lawrence to be a very reassuring professional of high competence

S. 24/04/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Nick Ferran


Excellent service; was seen on the same day and MRI was available immediately.

J. 23/04/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Christopher Lawrence


I first saw Dr Lawrence for a kidney problem which he successfully treated. I have always found him very caring and efficient and would thoroughly recommend him

N.v. 23/04/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Nick Ferran


I arrived early for my appointment and was seen almost immediately. Also had X-rays done which was done without having to wait. Excellent and friendly service.

p.f. London 18/04/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Leon Rozewicz


I can't be more grateful for Dr Rozewicz's kind support. He took time to discuss with me the type of medication I'm comfortable taking.

N.C. London 16/04/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Evangelos Russo


Dr Russo was excellent - he listened to my concerns and treated me very professionally. I would definitely recommend him.

O.C. London 13/04/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Helen Spoudeas


We were not satisfied with the outcome of our appointment

J.J. London 12/04/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Raj Mallipeddi


Wholly satisfied apart from coffee machine coffee!!

S.O. Hove 11/04/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr David Redfern


Mr Redfern promised a follow up letter with information which I have not received 2 weeks after the appointment. I would have appreciated a quicker followup.

j.w. Greater Manchester 08/04/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Stefan Schumacher


Dr Schumacher has a kind thoughtful manner. He put me at ease taking a detailed history before referring me for further investigations. I would recommend him.

M.W. Brentwood 07/04/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr John Targett


We found Mr Target very professionall , helpful and would defiantly recommend him Regards mark withrington

J.S. London 05/04/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Mark Vanderpump


A very straightforward, clear and comprehensive communicator with a holistic and pleasant approach. I highly recommend.

C.E. London 04/04/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Professor Owen Epstein


Patient, wide knowledge, mature and most important - really concerned for his patient.

R.L. London 26/03/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Stefania Bonaccorso


Excellent doctor very knowledgable about Bipolar disorder and helpful with prescriptions, medication and her own time. Very recommended

r.C. Winchester 24/03/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Professor Parwez Hossain


I was very pleased with the professionalism shown by Professor Hossain. His manner was excellent and his diagnosis was both coherent and reassuring.

A.P. Windsor 23/03/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Vikas Vedi


A doctor who is interested in the patient, understands the detail of your problem and gives honest advice. He was very pleasant during my consultation.

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