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“Le opinioni dei pazienti sono uno dei pilastri di Top Doctors, arricchiscono il nostro processo di selezione e fanno parte della nostra politica di trasparenza”.

Alberto E. Porciani
CEO Top Doctors Europe & LATAM

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Fino al 17/07/2019
Siamo consapevoli dell'importanza delle opinioni e delle valutazioni degli altri pazienti: infatti il 75% delle persone controlla le opinioni prima di prendere una decisione. Per questo motivo in Top Doctors garantiamo l'autenticità di tutte le valutazioni assicurandoci che siano reali attraverso un sistema di autentificazione.
In cosa consiste questo sistema di autentificazione?
1. Solo i pazienti che hanno richiesto un appuntamento attraverso Top Doctors possono valutare e lasciare commenti.
2. Verifichiamo che il paziente si sia presentato all'appuntamento. Una valutazione reale si può basare solo su un'esperienza reale.
3. Pubblichiamo tutte le valutazioni. Che sia positivo o negativo, qualsiasi commento verrà pubblicato sul profilo del dottore. *
Questo sistema riduce il numero totale delle valutazioni, rende il processo più lento, obbliga il paziente ad aspettare la risposta via mail, la quale arriverà solo una volta verificata l'autenticità dei dati. Tuttavia sappiamo che quando parliamo di salute, l'importante non è la quantità bensì la qualità. Sapendo che esiste questo processo ed un team che verifica le informazioni e conferma che le opinioni siano reali, ci assicuriamo di aiutare in modo concreto i pazienti.
*Non verranno accettati commenti con contenuti pubblicitari, insulti o incitamenti alla violenza.

Opinioni dei pazienti:

S. 16/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Christian Barnick


I received first class treatment. Could not have asked for any better surgeon. He was brilliant, perhaps the NHS clinicians should take a leaf off his books.

J.P. 16/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Aathavan Loganayagam


I thought the whole process was very professional. The Dr was so friendly and made you feel comfortable.

J.M. 15/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Aathavan Loganayagam


Dr. Loganayagam has been excellent, professional and made me feel at ease. I would highly recommend him. I was disappointed with staff nurse and facility's.

J.G. 15/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Stephanie Oiknine


Dr Stephanie Oiknine is absolutely fantastic and has done a great job with my children's teeth.

M.S. 14/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Christian Barnick


Mr Barnick is an exceptionally capable surgeon. He listened to my concerns and treated me like an expert in my own body, then we planned my treatment together.

p. London 13/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Kin Sheng Lim


My appointment with Mr Lim was invaluable in helping me to understand my options for further Glocoma treatment. He was very efficient and gave expert advice.

J.J. Maidstone 11/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Anthony Hammond


A very competent and professional physician. The whole appointment was excellent.

B.O. London 11/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr John Brookes


The clinic was very busy on the day of our appointment, but the staff were excellent and Mr Brookes was extremely professional and courteous throughout.

G.I. London 11/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Hélène Menagé


A very caring person and professional doctor. She is knowledgeable and scrupulous. One of the best doctors I have ever seen. I would warmly recommend Dr. Menagé

P.L. London 11/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Miss Judith (Jude) Hunter


Excellent, professional and friendly, thoroughly recommend, first class

T.I. Oxford 11/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Benjamin Wakerley


I was much reassured by visiting Dr Wakerley. He listened well and was able to suggest treatments I had not co sidered before.

T.T. 11/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Stephanie Oiknine


Stephanie is amazing at what she does! So happy with the results after my braces. She’s always making me feel welcome and knows how to keep me calm!

P.B. 11/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Stephanie Oiknine


I’m extremely pleased with the results from having the lingual braces. Dr Oiknine is outstanding and put me at ease from the first consultation.

R.M. London 11/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Ben Esdaile


Incredibly reassuring and worth the visit.

S.T. Chichester 11/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr John Tanner


As far as my initial consultation with Dr Tapper I was very happy with the service received.

M. Reading 11/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Chris Blick


Mr Blick was most tolerant of difficulties I placed in his way. He was persistent and went the extra mile in his care of myself. I was massively impressed.

P.C. 11/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Michael Stellakis


Mr Stellakis provided an excellent service, he took time to explain the procedure in a relaxed and reassuring manner. I would not hesitate to recommend him

O. 11/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Stephanie Oiknine


Stephanie is brilliant on professional and personal level. She is very professional and delivering very personal service. She is fantastic with kids.

D. 11/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Stephanie Oiknine


With 9 months left to go until my wedding Stephanie completed a miracle. The effort and skill used was to achieve my goal was fantastic.

D.F. 11/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Ralph Rogers


Dr Rogers is in my opinion the best in his field, and a genuinely really nice guy. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

S.G. 11/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Stephanie Oiknine


Stephanie is amazing doctor with wonderful gentle approach to children.Stephanie managed to fix our daughter’s teeth where others couldn’t. Magic worker.

V. 11/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Ralph Rogers


A charismatic, kind , empathetic, knowledgeable professional who immediately puts one at ease. It was a pleasure meeting him.

H.L. 10/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Nizar Hamadeh


From my initial consultation, to my hospital admission, and through to my discharge, everything was about me. I cannot fault anything and I am most happy.

M.Z. 10/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Ralph Rogers


Dr. Rogers offers cutting-edge treatment in sports injury, with high personal skills, and a friendly, caring, and ethical approach. Highly recommended.

P.E. 10/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Professor Hemant Kocher


I cannot praise Professor Kocher enough, his knowledge and back up team were pbrilliant I could not have wanted for more during my treatment, thank you all.

A.D. 10/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Aathavan Loganayagam


An excellent bedside manner. Seems to be thorough and offers follow ups in quick succession

R.O. 09/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Aathavan Loganayagam


Fantastic doctor & team who went above and beyond ,highly professional and made me feel at ease

K.S. 09/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Content Content


Top Doctor 5*

D. London 08/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Miss Christina Choy


Highly recommend Miss Choy, very nice and approachable.

C.I. 08/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr David McArthur


I found Mr McArthur to be very professional, friendly and very thorough. He explained everything so i could understand. I can highly recommend him.

D.S. 08/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Saurabh Jain


He explained everything, reassured me so I felt completely safe in his hands and it was painless as he had promised!

S. 08/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Saurabh Jain


Dr Jain has been seeing my son since he was 18 months old .I could not recommend him any more strongly . Great with kids and adults . And extremely thorough ..

C. 08/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Saurabh Jain


Our son has seen Mr Jain for many years. We were pleased with the surgical result. He is always very professional, caring and patient.

M. 05/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Shabbir Mohamed


An outstanding and inspirational physician. He always establishes a personal connection. He is compassionate and explains medical issues and treatment clearly.

F. 05/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr David McArthur


All explained fully and in understable terminology, very satisfied with my care and treatment

U. London 05/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Saqib Jawaid Bashir


Friendly , very helpful and caring Doctor.

G. 04/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Stephanie Oiknine


The best doctor I've ever had.

A.B. 04/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Mohamed Ahmed


I want to express my sincere appreciation for the promptness and professional care given to me by Dr.Ahmed.  Thank you for being so compassionate! 

D.C. London 04/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Anusha Dias


Dr Dias explained to us in 10 minutes what we had been struggling to understand and get to the bottom of in the NHS system for over 2 years. 100% satisfied.

S. London 01/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Mahantesh Karoshi


Dr Karoshi has been excellent. Not only with a quick diagnosis but also with the constant support and cooperation. He has gone beyond his duties to help me.

n.w. Cambridge 01/07/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Brian Fish


Knowlegable and Professional.

M.L. London 30/06/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Ms Theresa Richardson


Friendly and kind mannered person, would certainly recommend her to any individual who requires her services

A.S. 30/06/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Vaughan Tanner


The treatment and care I have received over the last 2.5 years from Mr Tanner has been excellent.

W.B. 29/06/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr David McArthur


I was immediately put at ease by Mr McArthur, as I was very nervous. The procedure went well, and the results are amazing. Relief after years of pain.

J.E. 28/06/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Majid Hashemi


I received the utmost care and attention before during and after the treatment of my umbilical hernia repair carried out by Mr Majid Hashemi. Big thank you.

L. London 28/06/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Javier Moraleda


Top service

H.P. 27/06/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Aathavan Loganayagam


Dr Loganayagam has been excellent and really helpful. I would recommend him

M.B. 27/06/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Vaughan Tanner


Mr Tanner was at all times during my dealings with him, confident, informative, punctual, fully explained everything and a pleasure to deal with

L.K. 26/06/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Florian Bast


Dr. Bast is a very professional, detail-orientated and carefully-listening surgeon who helped me to enhance the shape of my lips with fillers. Great result!

D.W. 26/06/2019

opinioni sul/sulla Mrs Anne Mitchener


Having consulted many specialists over the last twelve years regarding my spinal stenosis, Mrs. Mitchener is the only one to get to grips with my problem. She i

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