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Alberto E. Porciani
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Fino al 30/11/2021
Siamo consapevoli dell'importanza delle opinioni e delle valutazioni degli altri pazienti: infatti il 75% delle persone controlla le opinioni prima di prendere una decisione. Per questo motivo in Top Doctors garantiamo l'autenticità di tutte le valutazioni assicurandoci che siano reali attraverso un sistema di autentificazione.
In cosa consiste questo sistema di autentificazione?
1. Solo i pazienti che hanno richiesto un appuntamento attraverso Top Doctors possono valutare e lasciare commenti.
2. Verifichiamo che il paziente si sia presentato all'appuntamento. Una valutazione reale si può basare solo su un'esperienza reale.
3. Pubblichiamo tutte le valutazioni. Che sia positivo o negativo, qualsiasi commento verrà pubblicato sul profilo del dottore. *
Questo sistema riduce il numero totale delle valutazioni, rende il processo più lento, obbliga il paziente ad aspettare la risposta via mail, la quale arriverà solo una volta verificata l'autenticità dei dati. Tuttavia sappiamo che quando parliamo di salute, l'importante non è la quantità bensì la qualità. Sapendo che esiste questo processo ed un team che verifica le informazioni e conferma che le opinioni siano reali, ci assicuriamo di aiutare in modo concreto i pazienti.
*Non verranno accettati commenti con contenuti pubblicitari, insulti o incitamenti alla violenza.

Opinioni dei pazienti:

J. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Dan Lindfield


Was very happy with the time taken to explain everything and to be put at ease

M.K. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Rozh Jalil


Dr Jalil was very professional and helpful .

Z. London 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Thomas Dannhauser


A very professional and caring individual who offered help that I was so desperate for. I am happy that I chose Dr Thomas Dannhauser.

D.M. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Steve Pandey


My meetings with Mr Pandey and his team are always reassuring and supportive

J. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Imran Liaquat


Very approachable with a relaxed manner. Explanations and treatment options were clearly relayed. Follow up after consultation organised quickly and efficiently.

D.R. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Simon Brewster


I had a very good meeting with Mr Brewster. I now feel that things can be done to improve my weak bladder situation. I have to decide what and when. This positive meeting differed from the totally negative meeting I had with Mr Leslie at the NHS.

N.C. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Sandip Banerjee


Excellent service, explained things thoroughly and very courteous.

J.D. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Greg Wynn


Very friendly and reassuring. Mr Wynn made sure to tell me what the procedure to be done involved and the minimal but potential risks involved

Y. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Alexander Ionides


I would highly recommend Alexander to anyone. Fantastic surgeon and the operation was a great success. I was given lots of advice and support from the initial consultation through the surgery and all the follow ups.

P.N. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Professor Owen Judd


Professor Owen Judd saw me on the 4th August 2021. He very quickly diagnosed what was wrong with me, and I have implemented the treatment recommended. The consequence is that I have significantly improved in the intervening period. A life changer.

K.B. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Amit Amit


From start to finish Mr Amit was extremely professional and knowledgeable, going into huge details of the procedure and taking his time to ease my mind before making a decision. Even after surgery the follow ups were held to the same standard. Thank you!

V.L. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Amit Amit


100 per cent care

N.M. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Maisam Fazel


My experience with Mr Fazel and the team was great start to finish. They guided me through the process and answered all of my questions. Mr Fazel paid careful attention to what I was looking for and I am over the moon with my results. Thank you

A.H. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Steve Pandey


From the start of treatment - when he had to break bad news - I have felt confident that nothing was being concealed & it has been a pleasure to see his cheerful face at subsequent out-patient visits - no matter how many patients he'd seen.

J.W. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Imran Liaquat


Very happy with the service and treatment I received. Highly recommend

S. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Professor Owen Judd


Professor Judd was very thorough and professional. He identified my issue and gave me clear and concise instructions on how best to eliviate the symptoms both verbally and in writting. He made it clear that his door was open, should my symptoms continue.

L. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Ferhat Uddin


Very helpful and sympathetic. I felt she was very knowledgeable and reassuring

M.M. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Hrsikesa Sharma


Mr Sharma has been fantastic and has always carried out his work with the utmost professionalism.

O. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Parijat Bhattacharjee


Mr Bhattacharjee is very professional, very attentive to the patient. I would highly recommend this specialist doctor.

A.R. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Emin Carapeti


Mr Carapeti is a phenomenal doctor. He is the definition of professional and makes very uncomfortable treatments possibly and manageable. Would thoroughly recommend him.

H.E. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Colin Senior


A fantastic outcome following my surgery! I’ve gone from constant pain, sleepless nights and limited movement of my shoulder, to being pain free with a renewed quality of life. I couldn’t have hoped for better results or better care. Thank you.

S.J. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Christopher Pepper


Very personable doctor, willing to speed time on issues and concerns. Very understanding and empathetic. Patient and parent both felt save and secure in the hands of Dr Pepper.

M.G. London 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Tabish Saifee


Aftee suffering for months I was finally diagnosed by Dr Saifee and referred to charing cross hospital to have an operation. I cannot recommend Dr Saifee enough.

A.S. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Tahsin Zatman


Excellent, high quality service in a safe and clean environment. Would highly recommend to others.

C.K. Bedford 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Nadim Noor


I’d like to thank Dr Noor. He took time to carefully listen and explore my concerns. I found him to be very professional, knowledgeable and kind. The whole process from booking the appointment was also easy and his communication was prompt. Thank you.

A. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Mohamed Elalfy


Anything I asked was never too trivial, always caring and helpful

N. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Amit Amit


From my first consultation to my discharge, mr Amit has been excellent and professional in the way he dealt with me. He did not rush the consultation he took his time to explain my condition and to tell me the operation he would undertake. ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

P.W. London 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Simon Choong


Very good appointment, explained everything clearly

D.D. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Raj Mallipeddi


You’re in safe hands with Raj. He’s treated me over the last few years and I recently had an op to remove BCC. I was very nervous but Raj put me at ease & it went better than I expected. Couldn’t recommend him enough, aside from being a Man City fan!

N.H. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Christopher Pepper


Mr Pepper made me feel reassured and that my daughter was in the best care and safe. I would happily recommend him to others and if I was ever in need again I would look to having Mr Pepper again. Thankyou so much for caring for Sienna.

P.B. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Andrew Logan


Very reassuring

D.J. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Martin Sinclair


Professional, friendly and the care I received was excellent, clearly a consultant with a wealth of experience and knowledge

K. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Steve Pandey


Excellent from start to finish, can not thank you enough

C. London 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Amulya Saxena


Very pleased

R.M. London 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Professor Stefano Fedele


So grateful for the focus and care shown to me at this time.

S.J. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Alexander Ionides


Alex has been very supportive, I’m now 6 months post PRK. I can message Alex directly if I have any problems or issues. He has been very helpful and he was certainly the best man for the surgery.

R.S. 30/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Ravinder Singh Natt


Everything was excellent. Nothing to add.

N.G. 29/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Shivkumar Gopal


Mr Gopal has performed two complete hip replacements on me in the last two years. Both surgeries have been successful and I’ve been able to return to an active life again, pain free. His surgery and consultations have been excellent, a brilliant surgeon!

N. 29/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Annegret Dahlmann-Noor


I couldn’t rate the service Dr Dahlmann-Noor gives any higher. Every time we see her she fills us with confidence either when she performed an operation on my daughter or each time we visit for a checkup. She is very friendly and great with kids.

F.G. 29/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Omar Abu-Bakr


I would highly recommend this Doctor he is super friendly and professional.

P. 29/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Mansoor Foroughi


I was very happy with Mansoor , he helped me so much about my worries with my condition.

D.Y. 29/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Steve Pandey


Excellent in all respects. Hard to see where any improvements could be made. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Steve Pandey.

A. 29/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Omar Abu-Bakr


Dr Omar is kind and professional although he tells terrible jokes. He is keen to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

A. 29/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Miss Nadia Rahman


Efficient with an understanding and caring manner. Confidence boosting. Excellent surgeon.

C.R. 29/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Maisam Fazel


Extremely pleased I chose Mr Fazel as my surgeon. Professional, polite, knowledgeable from start to finish. Very happy with my result so far!

A.R. 29/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Martin Sinclair


I met Mr Sinclair last year while getting treatment at Ipswich Hospital, so when I got poorly again he was the first person I contacted, as he was so understanding previously

R.H. 29/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Martin Sinclair


No further comments required.

A.L. 29/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Samer Al-Sabbagh


Dr Al -Sabbagh is one of the kindest consultants I have ever met . He takes the time to listen to all concerns, is genuinely interested and takes his patients seriously . He is very thorough and covers all avenues in order to find a solution .

L.G. 29/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Shahab (Shad) Khan


Mr Khan is an excellent surgeon, takes such care of his patients physical and mental health. Goes above and beyond.

G.L. 29/11/2021

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Michael Pringle


Approachable, thorough, decisive and reassuring.

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