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Fino al 16/07/2024
Siamo consapevoli dell'importanza delle opinioni e delle valutazioni degli altri pazienti: infatti il 75% delle persone controlla le opinioni prima di prendere una decisione. Per questo motivo in Top Doctors garantiamo l'autenticità di tutte le valutazioni assicurandoci che siano reali attraverso un sistema di autentificazione.
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Questo sistema riduce il numero totale delle valutazioni, rende il processo più lento, obbliga il paziente ad aspettare la risposta via mail, la quale arriverà solo una volta verificata l'autenticità dei dati. Tuttavia sappiamo che quando parliamo di salute, l'importante non è la quantità bensì la qualità. Sapendo che esiste questo processo ed un team che verifica le informazioni e conferma che le opinioni siano reali, ci assicuriamo di aiutare in modo concreto i pazienti.
*Non verranno accettati commenti con contenuti pubblicitari, insulti o incitamenti alla violenza.

Opinioni dei pazienti:

N. 16/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Sambath Tiroumal


Could no have received better treatment. Lovely to have improved eyesight!

M.H. 16/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Professor Melvin Lobo


Professor Lobo has taken me from a very difficult and complex health situation to feeling better than I have in many years. He recognises a patient's need for results and is as bold in his approach as he is caring in his manner. I couldn't recommend him more strongly.

C.M. 16/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Ziad Farah


No waiting, informative consultation and then immediate treatment with recommendations for future treatment.

W.S. 16/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Allan Harkness


Good advice and excellent consultation

E. 16/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Sharon Silberstein


We strongly recommend Dr. Silberstein! Very lovely and professional! We got the help we were looking for with journey of breast feeding! *️⃣*️⃣*️⃣*️⃣*️⃣

M.S. 16/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Jagoda Jaworska


I have pregnancy scans with this doctor. Very reliable, kind with great knowledge!

D.N. 16/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Richard Haynes


Had two cataract treatments with Mr Haynes but because of a previous epiretinal membrane problem, I wanted a consultant I could trust and have confidence in. Would definitely see Mr Haynes again if I have an eye problem in future.

A.J. 16/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Navin Chandra


First Class Cardiologist at the top of his game.

L. 16/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Mohamed Otify


Excellent best treatment by far

A. 16/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Vaughan Tanner


Mr Tanner's calm and careful explanation of my potentially tricky cataract operations enabled me to approach surgery with minimum anxiety. I am delighted with the outcome & was able to see the balls at Wimbledon on TV, without glasses. Thank you!

J.S. 16/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Professor Francis Chinegwundoh MBE


My partner saw Prof Chinegwundoh at Holly, everything from start to finish was marvellous. Prof undertook the surgery, explained everything, just a brilliant service from start to finish, also have to mention Prof’s secretary who too was very helpful, highly highly recommend.

M.W. 16/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Ishtiaq Rehman


I highly recommend DR Ishtiaq, I had been struggling for over 12 months with a shoulder injury, Ish identified the problem immediately and within a week the treatment had alleviated all pain in my shoulder.

G.S. Lancashire 16/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Professor Kuntal Patel


Excellent surgeon

M.B. 16/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Stephen Veitch


Very pleased with the whole experience. Good initial consultation with very little time wasting. Great aftercare. Approachable and confidence inspiring

R.L. 16/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Andrew Logan


A great doctor

J.S. 16/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Elisa Astorri


Left the appointment feeling so positive and hopeful. She was so knowledgeable and understanding and I was validated for how im feeling and what treatment I am entitled to. It was very beneficial to learn about different routes I can take and what might be most suitable for me.

E.I. 16/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Silvia Pierini


Doctor Silvia Pierini is incredible! She’s taking care of my children since they were born always with extremely high caring and skills. Always available to help and if necessary she always offered home visit on the same day. She’s a blessing for the entire family!

P.D. 16/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Professor Kuntal Patel


My operation went well thanks to Prof. Patel. Pre-op and post-op care was spot on. He showed me pictures of my knee during my followup. Excellent service.

P. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Ishtiaq Rehman


I was told I would never be able to run again by doctors in China, however doctor Ish examined me for forty minutes and within ten minutes after the examination he had me doing leg exercises I never thought I would do again. I was jogging three days later and now run every day.

D.B. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Richard Scawn


I can't recommend Mr Scawn and his practice enough. Before being referred to him, I was booked in for surgery which he identified I didn't need. He took the time to comprehensively examine my eyes and also noted conditions that had been missed over years. After the first visit, I was given medication, instead of an operation, and the swelling including the pain decreased for the first time in months. Following this, I've been received non-surgical treatment. The care, attentiveness, professionalism and treatment has been invaluable. Not withstanding the relief from discomfort and pain, it revived my self esteem. Thank you Mr Scawn and fabulous team.

H.F. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Richard Haynes


I was treated by Mr.Haynes in 2022 at the Nuffield Hospital,Bristol and was very happy with my treatment and surgery. I have BUPA insurance but due to my eye medical history I had to be operated by a retinal surgeon and Mr.Haynes is a top retinal surgeon at Bristol, Eye Hospital

E.T. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Mona Ghadiri-Sani


She was very professional and after a quick chat she diagnosed me after years of GP misdiagnose. Highly reccomend. Very knowledgeable in her field and really good at simplify and explaining I am going to start new treatment soon.

k.h. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Dean Creer


I found Dr Creer gave me a perfect diagnosis and was exceptional in his reassuring me and gave me confidence in all he said and did. He is an exceptional doctor in communicating with me as a patient.

P.R. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Allan Harkness


Did not have to wait, was seen promptly. Very reassuring and great manner

N. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Professor Kuntal Patel


Professor Patel remembered me by my first name and welcomed me to my second review clinic. He showed genuine interest in my rehabilitation and progress so far..

V.M. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Jeannie Todd


Facing a critical health issue, I was overwhelmed. Dr Todd not only provided an accurate diagnosis and saved my life, but treated me with kindness and respect.

P.P. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Atul Bagul


Mr Bagul was brilliant at keeping me informed of what was going to happen and when, always clear and precise

B. Great Missenden 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Kunmi Fasanmade


Mr Fasanmade came across as an extremely caring doctor. I consulted with him on an issue that several health professionals had not definitely diagnosed. His manner was reassuring and his approach holistic. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends and family.

I.B. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Anu Chawla


Dr. Chawla and her team are absolutely amazing professionals. Everything was planned well and executed very smoothly. Would 100% recommend - Dr. Chawla's care, attention to detail and excellence is truly second to none. Thank you so much!

P.G. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Caspar Aylott


Two & half year ago I fell badly in our garden, dislocating my right shoulder & having a deep cut on my right shin. About two months later I started getting pain in my right hip & knee. In September 2022 I saw an orthopaedic consultant & had an MRI scan. Tendinopathy & acute Bursitis were diagnosed. Subsequently ,I decided to try & help myself & had various alternative treatments such as physio, acupuncture, laser treatment and others, none of which gave me much relief! After nearly two years I saw a second orthopaedic surgeon & had another MRI which still said Tendinopathy. I decided to tried cranial osteopathy but after several weeks & no improvement it was suggested I have an MRI of my lower spine. This took me at last to Casper Aylott. He immediately said he knew just what was wrong & that all the treatment I had tried were a waste of time & money! The next MRI of my lumber spine proved him absolutely right! I had Mild scoliosis with grade 1 degenerative spondylolisthesis L2/3 with disc herniation,moderate stenosis and right L3 compression. Mr Aylott explained various options for treatment ,and in May I went to his Harley Street Hospital & had Right L3 transforaminal injection, caudle epidural & facet joint injections . I am glad to say that the injections have eased the pain considerably & I no longer need pain killers. I go swimming ,play gentle table tennis & do gentle exercise. My energy levels have also increased. I would recommend Casper for all things Spinal. He certainly helped me. I just wish I had gone to him sooner! Paddy Grimshaw, aged 86 July 13th 2024

H.E. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Sam Khemani


Really friendly doctor. Fabulous with children, very reassuring. Would highly recommend.

A. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Professor Kuntal Patel



P.T. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Nijil Vasukutty


Punctual, courteous, listened carefully, advised and explained well, decisive course of action. Why can't all medical appointments be like this.

E. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Gabriella De Salvo


Dr De Salvo is a an extremely knowledgeable and caring practitioner, who goes out of her way to look after her patients both during and following appointments. I could not recommend more highly.

T.C. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Farid Ud-Din


Excellent service and excellent Mr Farid ud-Din, top class

O. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Pick-Ngor Woo


I transfered from saxon clinic to see Dr Woo she has been Excellent throughout the time i have seen her she explained everything clearly step by step and process went smoothly. Definitely recommend her to anyone

R.B. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Ian Beckley


I have been struggling with recurrent UTIs for years now, and this is the first time I have really felt listened to. Ian was friendly, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I came out of the hospital feeling like I have finally taken a step forward with my health.

M.B. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Mr John McKinley


Would certainly recommend.

P. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Oliver Old


Mr Old and his team provided a superb service level in all aspects

J.B. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Aathavan Loganayagam


Very friendly & professional manner that has always put me at ease, followed with comprehensive easy to understand advice and guidance - highly recommended

M. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Dhiya Houssien


Very good at the all pramaters

D.E. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Ms Jajini Varghese


I am very happy with the result from my surgery.

E.T. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Ioannis Christakis


Extremely caring, made me feel completely aware of my condition, explaining everything and felt I was in very safe hands. I would highly reccomend Mr Christakis

C. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Ms Shikha Kapur


And every part of my care has felt like it was taken seriously and thoroughly looked . I feel comfortable discussing sensitive topics with zero embarrassment


opinioni sul/sulla Mr Rozh Jalil


one doesn't need to look that hard to find this great surgeon for varicocele surgery, my pain has completely gone

J.J. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Jonathan Henderson


Polite and Professional, always makes me feel reassured and talks through symptoms and any concerns that I may have. Always checks that I understand the information and happy with the outcome.

F.O. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Professor Kuntal Patel


Had a hip replacement 4 weeks ago and am absolutely delighted with the treatment I have received from start to finish, just excellent.

G.S. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Mr Shakeel Puri


Excellent service and personable staff. Always friendly and warm. My child enjoys her eye appointments and is more confident now thanks to Chase Eyecare. Highly recommended to families!

L.C. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Jonathan Henderson


Very helpful

A.M. 15/07/2024

opinioni sul/sulla Dr Omar Abu-Bakr


Excellent treatment. All the staff were superb.

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