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Written by: Mr Santdeep Paun
Published: | Updated: 27/02/2020
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Otoplasty surgery is performed to correct any irregularity or abnormality of the ear for either functionality or aesthetic purposes. Although the surgery concentrates on the ears, a person´s appearance can completely change post-operation, giving them an often much needed boost in confidence. It can be performed on all age groups but is most common among children.


When is otoplasty surgery recommended?


Otoplasty surgery may be carried out on patients who have suffered trauma in their ears, or their ears have formed abnormally.


The main reason behind ear protrusion is that the cartilage has not developed in the usual way, causing the ears to stick out, much to the embarrassment of many people. Children often suffer because of their appearance, maybe because they are bullied or they simply feel insecure.


Patients who have had a disease, such as skin cancer, that has affected their ears, may also opt to undergo otoplasty.


What does otoplasty  involve?


Otoplasty is a simple form of ear surgery with different techniques available depending on the age of the patient. Children will be put under general anaesthetic for the surgery to be carried out, whilst adults only need a local anaesthetic and sedative.


Otoplasty surgery involves pinning back the ears resulting in a change in appearance that ultimately improves self-esteem and, therefore, the patient´s general state of wellbeing.


Risk factors of ear pinning surgery


Although risks are uncommon in otoplasty, there is always a chance that certain complications may arise after the ear correction operation. Haematoma, when blood collects under the skin, may occur but can be rectified by a simple drainage procedure. Minor asymmetry of the ears is also possible during healing, as well as scarring at the back of the ear.


By Mr Santdeep Paun
Otolaryngology / ENT

Mr Santdeep Paun is a leading ENT surgeon specialising in nasal and facial plastic surgery. He operates from various prominent London clinics including St Bartholomew's Hospital.

Mr Santdeep Paun was the first UK-based surgeon certified by the new globally recognised International Board of Facial Plastic Surgical Societies and is President of the European Board for Certification in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Mr Santdeep Paun has a strong interest in education and training lecturing nationally and internationally on various aspects of his work and he also runs a course teaching other doctors about surgical techniques. He has written extensively on field-related topics co-authoring nine separate book chapters.

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