Beating heart coronary bypass surgery: why is it so advantageous?

Written by: Mr Alberto Albanese
Published: | Updated: 19/05/2023
Edited by: Conor Lynch

Top Doctors recently caught up with the exceptionally skilled and trusted Mr Alberto Albanese, a consultant cardiothoracic surgeon, to find out what exactly beating heart coronary bypass surgery is, and what the main advantages of the heart operation are.

What is beating heart coronary bypass surgery?

Beating heart coronary bypass surgery is performed on patients who are suffering from severe coronary artery disease involving many blood vessels. It is performed with the assistance of a cardiac pulmonary bypass.


This machine, which is also called the heart lung machine (HLM) allows the heart to be stopped so that the surgeon can operate on a surface which is still and blood free. The heart lung machine maintains life despite the lack of a heartbeat. It removes all of the toxins and replaces them with oxygenated blood before pumping the blood back to the body.


How does it differ from traditional coronary bypass surgery?

The heart lung machine is not used in traditional coronary bypass surgery, whereas it is used in beating heart coronary bypass surgery.


What are the advantages of beating heart coronary bypass surgery?

The main advantage is that this operation decreases the mobility (of the beating heart) and the complications associated with traditional coronary artery bypass surgery. Complications such as stroke, kidney failure, lung failure, and also the need for a blood transfusion are all greatly reduced through beating heart coronary bypass surgery.


This surgery may also reduce the chances of various cognitive changes that are often seen in patients who have undergone traditional coronary bypass surgery.


Are there any risks or side effects? If so, what are they?

It is, in theory, more demanding and more difficult for the surgeon, due to the fact that the heart is still beating throughout.


What is recovery time like?

This technique offers a quicker recovery when compared to traditional coronary bypass surgery.


Mr Alberto Albanese is a revered and highly experienced consultant cardiothoracic surgeon who is nothing short of an expert when it comes to performing beating heart coronary bypass surgery. Contact him today via his Top Doctors profile to schedule an appointment with him.

By Mr Alberto Albanese
Cardiothoracic surgery

Mr Alberto Albanese is a versatile and highly experienced consultant cardiothoracic surgeon in London and Essex. Practising at private clinics in London and Essex, Mr Albanese specialises in coronary artery bypass graft, aortic valve repair and replacement, mitral valve repair and replacement, aortic root replacement, and notably beating heart surgery and keyhole surgery.

Mr Albanese first qualified for medicine in Italy, receiving his Laurea from Universita degli Studi di Palermo. It was in Italy where he first trained as a heart surgeon. He then moved to the United Kingdom and continued his training and honing his practising skills in cardiothoracic surgery. Mr Albanese undertook fellowships at well-known units such as Harefield Hospital, St George's Hospital, and the new Barts Heart Centre. Whilst training, he gained a deep experience in all aspects of cardiothoracic surgery and cardiology.

Due to his great passion and dedication to his field, Mr Albanese has several publications in peer-reviewed journals; has attended nationally and internationally meetings and conferences, often as a speaker; and has vast working experience in both Italy and the UK. He is internationally recognised for these reasons.

Mr Albanese has, to-date, performed several hundreds of open heart procedures, maintaining outstanding results. Mr Albanese puts his patients first in all facets, and he holds a very high satisfaction level amongst his patients. This can be noticed in his commitment to visitng other cardiac units, where he attends multi-disciplinary meetings with cardiologists, in which complex patients or difficult cardiac scenarios are discussed in order to ensure the best quality care for every patient.

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