Bichectomy: surgery to reduce fat on the cheeks

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Bichectomy is surgery to reduce fat deposits on the cheeks. The procedure is carried out in an hour or less and under local anaesthetic.  

Bichectomy helps sharpen and thin the face, creating more definition.

It is a treatment to reduce the so-called Bichat bags or buccal fat pads, which are independent accumulations of fat located in the thickness of each cheek.

Fat removal surgery for men and women

Bichectomy is recommended for anyone who wants to lose weight and redefine the lower third of the face. The surgery must be performed by a certified specialist trained in facial cosmetic surgery.

The fat reduction procedure lasts not more than 1 hour and a local anaesthesia is required. . The plastic surgeon removes the fatty tissue through an incision of no more than 2 centimetres that is made on the inside of the cheek so there are no visible scars.


Risks and postoperative care after a bichectomy

When bichectomy surgery is performed by a specialist, the risks are minor, such as local inflammation, bruising (bruising), and pain.

Subsequent care consists mainly of placing cold compresses on the operated site, together with antibiotic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs.



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