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Why would I need coronary artery bypass surgery?

Coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG) is a surgical procedure used to treat blockages in the coronary arteries. The operation improves blood flow and oxygen supply to the heart and it bypasses or diverts blood around the narrowed parts of the major arteries. Cardiac surgeon Mr Shahzad Raja explains more about coronary artery surgery and answers commonly asked questions about the procedure.

Mitral valve regurgitation: what exactly is it?

Mitral regurgitation is when the heart’s mitral valve doesn't close well enough during contractions, causing blood to leak and flow back into the heart. It's one of the most common heart valve diseases affecting up to 8% of the population. Mr Inderpaul Birdi, a leading cardiothoracic surgeon in London, explains this condition and how it can be treated.

The road to better outcomes: keyhole heart surgery

Coronary bypass surgery has traditionally been a major procedure that involves breaking the breastbone to open the chest and reach the heart. However, minimally invasive approaches can now lower the risks and reduce the recovery time of these operations. Mr Inderpaul Birdi is here to explain the minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass (MIDCAB).

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