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Geriatric care: managing faints, falls and funny turns

Around 30% of people over the age of 60 are expected to experience a significant fall in one year and as they get older, this increases to 40%. Falls and funny turns can not only lead to serious physical injury but can also leave a devastating psychological impact on the person. Dr Tarun Solanki, a top consultant physician in general and geriatric medicine, explains more.

Older patients are experiencing unusual COVID-19 symptoms: are these being overlooked?

According to studies, less than 30% of elderly patients with COVID-19 are actually presenting with symptoms such as coughing, breathing problems and fever. Instead, these patients are experiencing some very different symptoms which healthcare professionals aren't identifying as a coronavirus infection. Dr Tarun Solanki explains what these symptoms are and the consequences it can have on all of us if they are not properly recognised.

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