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I have fibroids – what are my treatment options?

Do you suffer from fibroids? The chances are that you do, or you will as up to 40% of women aged 35 or older have fibroids. Fibroids can either be symptomless or can cause numerous menstrual problems, including heavy bleeding. Choosing your treatment can be overwhelming, but Dr Paul Crowe, a leading interventional radiologist with lots of experience in treating uterine fibroids lays out the A to Z in treatment options for this common condition.

Dealing with deep vein thrombosis

Blood clots can be a scary idea – a clump of congealed blood rattling around in your veins. While clotting is necessary to stop bleeding if you cut yourself, this quality can become damaging or even deadly if a clot forms in the bloodstream and blocks a blood vessel. Dr Julian Hague, a top clinical and interventional radiologist based in London explains deep vein thrombosis.

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