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Returning to sports after a hip replacement

Nowadays, hip replacement recovery is faster than ever. Of course, for many people the big milestone is when you can get back to playing sports again. In this article, double board-certified consultant orthopaedic surgeon Professor Paul Lee offers his recommendations on how long to allow yourself to recover before returning to different sports, and how to get back into action safely.

What’s causing the pain in my neck?

Neck pain is highly common among individuals of all ages. Bad posture, hunching over a computer all day long and sleeping funny can all cause pain in the neck. Other times a pain in the neck may be a side effect of osteoarthritis or a symptom of an underlying health problem. To find out more about neck pain, what causes it and, maybe most importantly, what we can do to prevent it, we interviewed Mr David Bell of the London Neurosurgery Partnership.

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