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Hay fever in children: what symptoms should a parent look out for?

How do you know if your child is developing hay fever? The symptoms can often be confused with other conditions, so it's important to understand this allergy to know how to properly treat it. So, we spoke to Professor George Du Toit, a leading consultant paediatric allergist, to understand the symptoms of hay fever in children better and when exactly a parent should take their child to see a specialist.

Food allergy testing in children with eczema: is it useful?

Children with severe eczema are very likely to develop food allergies. Whilst these children benefit from removing certain foods from their diet, it certainly isn't the case across the board for older children or those with mild symptoms of the skin condition. Read more from our expert paediatric allergist Dr Robert Boyle as to whether food allergy testing in children with eczema is beneficial or not.

Is there a link between eczema and food allergies?

Food allergies seem to have increased dramatically over the last few decades – for example peanut allergy cases have tripled in just over a decade and now almost one in 50 children in the English-speaking world are affected. Similarly, eczema seems to be in the rise. Could there be a connection? Paediatric allergist Dr Adam Fox is here to explain.

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