Chemical peels and facial rejuvenation

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What does a chemical peel involve and what does it do?


Chemical peels are a dermatological intervention and should always be performed by a doctor. They involve lightly burning the skin in order to eliminate scars, marks and other imperfections. The technique is more than one hundred years old and continues to have positive results and growing popularity.

When can a chemical peel be carried out? Who is it for and why?


Chemical peels should always be carried out during periods of low sunlight. It is not advisable during summer as the patient may get sunburned even despite strong UV protection. Anyone can have a chemical peel. However, it is a treatment that must be adapted to each patient. Moreover, the results are final. If you want to eliminate acne marks or scars, once the peeling is complete, if it has been effective, the marks will be gone. Therefore, it is important to bear in mind that they are not only used to obtain aesthetic results, and recent studies have shown that a few walk-in peels can be used to prevent certain skin cancers. It is not merely an aesthetic procedure but real preventive medicine.


How many sessions are necessary to obtain the desired results?


There are two types of peels: walk-in superficial peels and deep peels, which can be medium or high strength. The number of sessions depends on the type of skin and the patient's availability.


What precautions should be taken following a peel?


The most important thing for all patients is sunblock, but it also depends on the strength of the peel. Depending on the patient more intensive home rest including antibiotics and antihistamines might be prescribed. Some patients, depending on their skin type require prior treatment so that their skin responds well to the peel, and in those cases, treatment will be a little longer.


How long does it take to resume normal daily life following a chemical peel?


In the case of a superficial peel, normal daily life can be resumed immediately. For deep peels, seven to ten days of home rest is recommended.


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