Clarivein: Walk-in walk-out treatment for varicose veins in the Covid Era

Written by: Mr Muhammad Asad Rahi
Published: | Updated: 30/06/2021
Edited by: Robert Smith

Sometimes varicose veins can be overlooked, especially during a lockdown in the pandemic. However, it's recommended to treat them as soon as possible, they are not just a cosmetic concern but can cause some extremely aggravating symptoms.

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We spoke to the highly-renowned and experienced vascular surgeon, Mr Muhammad Asad Rahi, who is fortunately continuing to see patients during these unprecedented times. We found out the answers to your FAQs regarding Clarivein, the latest advancement in treating varicose veins.


What're the main symptoms of varicose veins?

3 in 10 people are affected by varicose veins and they affect mainly women. There are symptoms which are related to these veins which are mainly the aching, pain, discomfort, heavy legs and unsightliness. There are more risks like skin changes, infection, inflammation and bleeding.


What is ClariVein?

Clarivein is a minimally invasive pain-free treatment for varicose veins. It is carried out as a walk-in walk-out treatment and is highly successful and is very safe. This technique is non-thermal, that means no energy is used to close the vein. It is considered safer and has no risks of nerve damage, and after the treatment, there are no pain killers required. It is also called a mechanical chemical-ablation (MOCA).


How does ClariVein work?

This procedure is carried out under a local anaesthetic and under ultrasound guidance. It involves using a special catheter with a rotating tip to cause a mechanical agitation to the vein's internal lining by targeting it, along with very precise delivery of the sclerosant drug and this does cause occlusion of the vein. Furthermore, there are no multiple injections required and there is no need for an injection of fluid around the vein. Therefore there is no internal leg pressure and this minimises the discomfort during the procedure. As it is non-thermal, there is less pain, no chance of nerve injury and also very little bruising.


What are the side effects of ClariVein?

This technique is very friendly, more comfortable and better tolerated by the patients. They can walk out of the hospital or clinic, resuming normal activities on the same day.


Is ClariVein painful?

Minimal discomfort for couple of days which improves with paracetamol.


What instructions should be followed after the procedure?

Due to the local anaesthetic used, it is recommended not to drive for 24 hours. I normally recommend to use travel stockings for a week afterwards that could minimise any minor complications.


How long does it take to see results?

The results are apparent within the first week.


So just to recap, what are the main benefits of 'Walk-in walk-out' treatment for varicose veins?

Clarivein is patient friendly, painless, much safer and more cost-effective for treatment of varicose veins. The technique also means that normal activity can be continued on the same day as it's non-thermal as well. It does no damage to nerves; these are the main unique advantages of this technique. Alternative treatments involving putting glue into the vein are costly and not applicable for all patients.

To get your varicose veins treated as soon as possible, we recommend getting in contact with a leading vascular surgeon such as Mr Muhammad Asad Rahi. Click here to visit his Top Doctors profile today for more information.

By Mr Muhammad Asad Rahi
Vascular surgery

Mr Asad Rahi is a leading venous surgeon and highly-experienced consultant vascular surgeon for the last 20 years. He is known for his professionalism and delivers very high quality treatment to his patients which is reflected in 99.5% outstanding outcomes for carotid endarterectomy and aortic aneurysm surgery in yearly National Vascular Registry Data in public domain since 2013.

Mr Rahi has special interest and expertise in innovative and modern techniques in varicose vein surgery including RF ablation, EVLT, clarivein, venaseal and sclerotherapy. He provides walk-in walk-out single-visit varicose vein service and has performed 2400 procedures with published excellent patient satisfaction and five years success rate of 98%.

Mr Rahi works in regional vascular centre in Lancashire Teaching Hospital, Preston. He is awarded National Bronze Clinical Excellence Award in 2019, as public acknowledgement of professional expertise and sustained and dedicated contribution of his service to the NHS.

He completed his surgical training (CCST) in 2000 from Cardiff. He carried out research at St. Mary’s Hospital London and was awarded Masters in Vascular science degree with Distinction by the Imperial College London in 1999. He travelled for his fellowship to Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas in 1998.

Mr Rahi is a dedicated surgical trainer and medical educationist. He is FRCS examiner for vascular surgery and general surgery and national selector for ST’s. His Royal College of Surgeons of England activities include college assessor for consultant appointments, overseas MRCS examiner, college tutor for 12 years and faculty tutor for surgical courses.

He is involved in teaching and examination of Manchester Medical School students. His special research interest in carotid artery disease continues as co-investigator of ACST-2 Trial (carotid surgery vs stenting ). His research thesis was based on Eversion & Standard carotid endarterectomy under LA and GA. He has regularly published and delivered national presentations in his area of expertise.

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