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Understanding your back pain

Back pain is one of the most debilitating and frustrating physical set-backs to experience, and the chances are that you might already experience back pain, or have had episodes in the past. So, are we all destined to live with and put up with back pain? Or can we do something about it? Dr Giancarlo Camilleri, a pain management expert of the Surrey Orthopaedic Clinic, explains what we can do ourselves to manage back pain, and when we should drag ourselves to the doctor about it.

Surgery is not the only answer – non-surgical treatment for thumb arthritis

Pain at the base of the thumbs can make simple things a real challenge. Undoing jar lids and soda bottle tops, fiddling with buttons, lifting saucepans – everyday actions that were no trouble yesterday can find us asking for help today without any rhyme or reason. What’s going on? Expert orthopaedic surgeon Miss Tanaya Sarkhel has the answers.

Return to action: how enhanced recovery after surgery works

How long does it take to recover from hip or knee surgery? In the past, a three month recovery from hip surgery was normal. But thanks to the introduction of enhanced recovery programmes at select clinics around the UK, you can enjoy a recovery that takes half the time and involves minimal pain. We asked leading orthopaedic surgeon Mr Rishi Chana how an enhanced recovery programme works and what patients can expect.

Joint Preservation; how to keep the young active for longer

Joint preservation is a rapidly emerging field in orthopaedics that has evolved because of the limitations in joint replacement surgery. Surgeons have turned to joint preservation to prevent or delay arthritis and other degenerative conditions, particularly in young patients. Joint preservation, in essence, is a procedure to prevent or delay knee replacement surgery. Here to tell us more about preserving the knee joint, is orthopaedic surgeon Mr Paul Trikha.

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