Dental phobia and implant treatment

Written by: Dr Peter Sanders
Edited by: Emma McLeod

Would you consider yourself a person with “dentophobia”? Avoiding regular check-ups and treatment due to a fear of the dentist can lead to neglected teeth that consequently, could need replacing with dental implants. Dr Peter Sanders and his team understand that each patient has their own motives for fearing the dentist, and they take extra measures to help patients manage their fears. Dental implants can be a worrying thought for many, particularly those with dental phobia, but with additional measures, all patients can receive treatment no matter their fears.


A female patient is laying on a reclined dentist chair and her dentist is sitting next to her. Both are looking at an x-ray of the patient's mouth while the dentist explains the treatment to relieve the patient's dental phobia.


Dental phobia can lead to treatments that could have been prevented

A common trait in those who fear the dentist is avoiding check-ups entirely. Even when some people believe they are looking after their teeth well, their dental hygiene regime can still lead to decay and potentially the loss of a tooth. Normally, a dentist will catch decay early on, but as a result of not visiting the dentist, teeth are neglected and treatments such as root canals and dental implants become necessary.


Fortunately, there are dentists, such as Dr Sanders, who fully understand this phobia and have already helped many patients to have dental check-ups and treatments despite their fears.


Common reasons people are scared to visit the dentist

Dental phobia is fairly common and there are several reasons and triggers of this phobia, however, they can vary between individuals:

  • A fear of needles
  • The sounds of dental tools
  • The smell of a dental clinic
  • Having a negative past experience at the dentist

Furthermore, claustrophobia may be a cause. Having moulds and tools in the mouth for a long time can be incredibly uncomfortable for some people, and not being able to move can add to the anxiety felt by the patient.


Measures to ensure you’re calm during your implant treatment

Dr Sanders and his team at Dental Confidence have a variety of additional measures that they take to help patients feel as calm as possible every step of the way. Here are some examples of the high-quality attention and care you can expect, should you choose to visit his clinic for dental implants or other treatments.


Digital intraoral scanning: No more uncomfortable moulds

An intraoral scanner takes photographs and measurements of the inside of the mouth. There are several benefits to using this state-of-the-art equipment:

  • The putty-like material that is usually used to make an impression of the patient’s mouth is not needed
  • It is minimally invasive
  • Measurements are faster to make
  • Fewer appointments are required


Talking you through every step of the way

With Dr Sanders, there’s never a silly question or doubt. He’ll ensure that you leave your consultation with all of your questions answered. Additionally, Dr Sanders talks patients through the surgical procedure of implants in every detail that’s required. By showing you illustrations to demonstrate how this routine procedure is completed, you can feel more in control.


Understanding that fear could strike at the last second.

Leading up to the implant procedure, a patient can feel comfortable until the day of treatment arrives. Dentists like Dr Sanders are on hand to let you know that it’s understandable should you choose to wait and re-schedule the appointment until you feel comfortable.



Dr Sanders likes to ask patients if they’d like to choose music to play during the procedure. By doing so, patients have a familiar sound to distract them, rather than focusing on the sounds and textures of dental tools in their mouths.


If you’ve been avoiding a trip to the dentist due to fears, don’t hesitate any longer. Visit Dr Sanders’ Top Doctors profile to learn more about how he and his clinic can help you, and also to book your first consultation.


By Dr Peter Sanders

Dr Peter Sanders is a highly respected and influential dentist with a well-earned reputation as one of the UK’s leading implantologists.

Dr Sanders has been a practicing dentist since 1981 and began his implant training in 1997, where he studied at the Eastman Dental Institute in London. In 2005 He became the first dentist in the region to achieve the Royal College of Surgeons Implant Diploma. Over the following years he progressed to be Programme Director and Examiner for that course. He is currently President of the Implant Diploma Alumni and is the Past President of the British Society for Advanced Dentistry.

In 2009 Dr Sanders gained an MSc in Implantology and in 2011 was awarded the Fellowship of the Faculty of General Dental Practice. Dr Sanders is a fellow of the International College of Dentists and is currently Chief Examiner on the European Master of Science in Implant Dentistry at Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid.

Having pioneered the intraoral welding method in the UK, Dr Sanders is the British Ambassador for the ground-breaking implant technique, having been the first dentist in the UK to practice the implant loading method which is based on a resistance spot welding principle. He now trains and mentors those wishing to practise the new improved restorative protocol. In 2018 he was also appointed as a global instructor for Zimmer Biomet. Dr Sanders also regularly presents at various key professional events on an international level.

As Clinical Lead at Dental Confidence Ltd in Southampton, he exclusively practices implant dentistry. Dr Sanders has also developed a comprehensive, hands-on implant mentoring programme - designed to help nurture the development of practicing dentists, improving their knowledge, confidence and competence in implant dentistry. His mentoring uniquely aims to involve the whole dental team to allow participating dentists to include dental implantology in their scope of practice.

Aside from his clinical experience, Dr Sanders was the first dentist, worldwide, to have his practice achieve the quality management standard ISO9000.

Peter is a busy father of four with six grandchildren, with hobbies including skiing, cycling and motorcycling, singing and classical guitar.

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