Digital dentistry: The future of oral health

Written by: Dr Amit Mohindra
Published: | Updated: 13/08/2023
Edited by: Laura Burgess

It’s an exciting time for dentists and patients, thanks to the innovative development in technology being used in dental practices.

From digital impressions, digital 2D and 3D radiographs, digital planning to 3D printing; digital dentistry means that experts can work in even smarter ways than before.

Here, leading dentist Dr Amit Mohindra from The White Bridge Clinic in Oxford explains the many benefits that digital dentistry has over traditional methods.




What are some of the latest developments in digital dentistry techniques?


Both the new techniques and technology mean patients receive the best treatment in modern dentistry. We use the latest in:


Digital impressions (3D intraoral scanning)

Digital impressions use a small camera to take a series of photos that capture a replica of your mouth. This is instead of the traditional methods of putty or alginate impressions, which means that there is no gagging and your impression is far more accurate.

The digital scan allows precise planning and, thanks to communication with laboratory technicians, the tooth design is shared with you. It is also an environmentally-friendly method and far more hygienic.


Digital radiographs

The radiographs are instant and with better quality. They allow for immediate feedback at your appointment. The 3D X-ray unit achieves an accurate diagnosis, and is invaluable in treatment planning for a root canal or complex extractions, for example.


Digital anaesthesia

The teeth to be treated are anaesthetised in one simple injection, which provides 360-degree numbness to the tooth with minimal soft tissue numbness. The Quicksleeper® computer controls the delivery of anaesthesia to the precise location of the tooth using a wand. The lip and tongue do not go numb, and the anaesthesia both takes effect and then wears off quickly, within 90 minutes.


Digital implants / 3D printer

The combination of the 3D CT scan with digital impressions means that your dental implant treatment can be planned with precision from the beginning. A surgical guide can be designed and printed in-house, and enables treatment to be done with minimally invasive guided surgery. The quality of treatment is higher and there is less recovery time.


Digital Smile Design® and orthodontic planning

Using your digital impression, your orthodontic results can be simulated with 3D images so that you have a visual picture of what can be achieved - before committing to treatment! This is offered for free during your consultation.

We can also use your facial photo and design the dream smile that you have always wanted, thanks to the latest in the digital software. It can even replicate the teeth that you want or that you once had or, for example, that your daughter has. Their teeth can be scanned and copied into your new smile design.


Navident® - The dynamic navigation implant surgery system

This is a pioneering technique that enables dental implants to be placed with great precision, higher patient comfort and recovery, and shorter surgery time. The navigation equipment has been used for many years with great success in brain surgery. The White Bridge Clinic is one of six clinics in the UK to offer this fantastic technique.



If you are looking to have dental work done, do not hesitate to book an appointment with Dr Amit Mohindra via his Top Doctors profile today to discuss your options.

By Dr Amit Mohindra

Dr Amit Mohindra is a skilled dentist based in Oxford. His areas of expertise include dental implants (including the Navigation implants system), sedation, and tooth replacement procedures. He also treats peri-implantitis. He has a special interest in digital dental implantology

Dr Mohindra qualified in dentistry from Birmingham University in 2002. He later earned his master's degree (MSc) in Dental Implantology. Through years of practising dentistry, he has perfected his skills, offering minimally invasive implant techniques to give patients the best cosmetic outcomes possible. He is dedicated to providing top quality patient care, making sure to meet his patients' dental needs. 

He has travelled abroad offering dental aid in both Brazil and Morroco with the Dental Mavericks charity (associated with the Eve Branson Foundation).

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