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Types of hydrocele

It is always worrying when something is wrong with our children, but it can be a particular concern when the condition affects their genitals. Swollen testicles can indicate the presence of a hydrocele. But what is this condition and how does it happen? Esteemed paediatric urologist Mr Andrew Robb explains.

Haematuria in children

Blood in the urine or haematuria is a nasty surprise in any circumstances, but is all the more worrying when it happens to your children. What can cause blood in the urine? Should we be concerned? What can the doctor do about it? Expert paediatric urologist Mr Andrew Robb has the answers.

Bedwetting in children: ask an expert

If our children are frequently wetting the bed, lots of questions go through our minds. Is bedwetting normal? What causes it? What age do kids usually stop wetting the bed? We asked expert paediatric urologist Mr Andrew Robb, a specialist who looks after young people with problems with their waterworks, for answers to these questions.

Signs of kidney stones in children

Kidney stones can present in a number of different ways in children. Kidney stones can be asymptomatic, especially those that are in the kidney and not causing any blockage. The stones may only be detected while investigating urinary tract infections. Mr Andrew Robb, a paediatric urologist tells us how kidney stones are diagnosed and treated in children.

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