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Situational syncope: why do we faint under stress?

If you faint at the sight of blood or needles or from standing up for long periods, you are someone that experiences situational syncope. This is temporary loss of consciousness in response to a certain trigger or situation that causes you stress. Award-winning cardiologist, Dr Boon Lim, explains what is happening to our bodies when we faint, how it can be avoided and offers some tips to help you cope when you feel a syncope episode coming on.

Atrial flutter: your comprehensive guide

The human heart usually has a steady rhythm. However, problems can occur if it starts to beat too quickly. Atrial flutter is the sensation of rapid heartbeats and here, leading cardiologist Dr Boon Lim guides you through what this condition is, why it requires treatment, the success rates of treatment and more.

5 ways to stop yourself from fainting

Sometimes we have to do things that make us feel faint – getting on a crowded train, giving blood, or speaking in public. Knowing how to stop that feeling in its tracks and prevent a full-blown fainting episode can be extremely empowering. The good news is that there are simple things everyone can do to stop themselves from fainting – as consultant cardiologist and fainting world expert Dr Boon Lim explains:

Why do I faint on the London Underground?

The London Underground is a difficult place to be at the best of times – but it can turn into a nightmare if you’re not feeling your best. But what causes people to actually faint on the tube? It’s a classic case of reflex syncope – according to Dr Boon Lim, consultant cardiologist at the London Cardiovascular Clinic in Harley Street, London.

Can anxiety really have an effect on our heart?

Dr Boon Lim is a renowned cardiologist and expert in the diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias. He recently presented at the 2018 Heart Rhythm Congress in Birmingham, which is the largest meeting of heart rhythm specialists in the UK. Here he presented on several topics, including the fascinating link between arrhythmia (specifically ectopic beats) and anxiety.

Can you really monitor your heart with your watch?

As mankind races into the future, our technology keeps leaping forward. Innovations like the Apple Watch and Fitbit feature heart rate monitors attached to our wrists, which not only allow us to keep an eye on our fitness, but also open up the possibility of using watches to help spot issues with heart health. Expert cardiologist Dr Boon Lim is here to explain:

Top 7 tips on visiting your doctor about fainting

Syncope (pronounced sin-cope-pee), also known as fainting, blacking out or passing out, can be a worrying problem. London-based cardiologist and syncope expert Dr Boon Lim, who leads the renowned Imperial Syncope Diagnostic Unit at Hammersmith Hospital gave us his top tips for what to record and tell your doctor about episodes of fainting.

What causes fainting?

Syncope is the medical term for fainting, blacking out, or loss of consciousness. Many people have experienced this phenomenon, passing out in a crowd, or on public transport. But why does this happen to certain people? Dr Boon Lim, a leading London cardiologist and expert on syncope explains what causes fainting

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