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Treating benign and malignant eyelid lumps

The eyelids are complex structures, made up of several different types of tissue, all of which can become inflamed or swollen, resulting in an eyelid lump. Eyelid lumps are mostly benign and are easily removed with a local anaesthetic. However, the eyelids can also be a common site for malignant tumours. Here we get a description of how a common benign (xanthelasma) and malignant (BCC) eyelid lump are treated by Mr Daniel Ezra, who is a leading ophthalmic surgeon.

Chalazion: a complete guide

Our eyelids are made up of lots of different types of tissue, which can each give rise to varying forms of eyelid lumps. By far the most common type of eyelid lump is the chalazion. Mr Daniel Ezra, a top ophthalmic surgeon, gives a summary of chalazion lumps and how they can be treated.

Why do I have watery eyes?

Having naturally watery eyes can be embarrassing – especially if it happens often at work. But did you know that it can actually be a medical condition, and that there is treatment to fix it? We asked expert ophthalmic and oculoplastic surgeon Mr Daniel Ezra why some people get watery eyes, how to know if you have a medical problem, and what the treatment options are.

What is blepharospasm?

The eyelids are a part of our anatomy that perhaps we take for granted. When you think about it, however, their importance cannot be overstated: they protect our eyes from dust and foreign debris, keep the eye from drying out, and close the eye during sleep. A number of conditions can affect the eyelids. Among these is benign essential blepharospasm. Expert ophthalmologist Mr Daniel Ezra explains:

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