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Why is autism spectrum disorder often missed in young girls?

A common misconception about autism spectrum disorder is that it only affects males. In this article, highly respected cognitive neuropsychologist Dr Debora Elijah explains the reasons behind missed diagnoses in females as well as the impact this can have on the individual. She also discusses how a specialist tailored programme can offer improved outcomes for young people with autism spectrum disorder.

Back to school: supporting your child with 'coronavirus anxiety'

Heading back to school and starting a new year at school can be daunting at time, the COVID-19 pandemic has added stress to the situation. Thus, support may be needed. We spoke to Dr Debora Elijah who explained to us the usage of PROSCIG© intervention; a program similar to cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). She highlighted how this can offer assistance during the coronavirus pandemic to put children at ease as they adjust to the 'new normal' at school.

How can a conduct disorder in children be treated?

Children with a conduct disorder often find it difficult to follow rules and display socially destructive and aggressive behaviour. This often hurts other people around them and themselves too. So, why do they act like this? Dr Debora Elijah, an expert cognitive neuropsychologist who practises at the Elijah Social Cognitive Skills Centre in North London, gives us a quick overview of this disorder and explains how she can help your child.

How can I improve my child's social skills?

Young children communicate their thoughts and feelings in many ways, including facial expressions, body language, playing and using words. Dr Debora Elijah, a cognitive neuropsychologist in London, explains to us how we, as parents, can support social development in our children and gives us an overview of the programmes on offer at her private practice, The Elijah Centre.

Autism and intervention

Autism is more common than most people think, with around 700,000 people living with autism in the UK. While it is incurable, it can be managed with the right support and through intervention programs. Neuropsychologist Doctor Debora Elijah talks about signs of autism to look out for and how intervention programs like PROSCIG © 2013 (Social Cognitive Intervention Program in peer groups) can help children who are autistic.

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