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How does Botox really work and how can I avoid the ‘frozen look’?

If you are considering getting Botox but concerned your face is going to look unnatural or ‘frozen’, you shouldn’t worry. When Botox is administered correctly and by an experienced professional, it can gently rejuvenate your face and leave you with a naturally youthful appearance. Mr Giovanni Ferrando, one of our top consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeons based in London and Genoa, Italy, explains more.

Before & after: a patient testimonial for Mr Giovanni Ferrando

Before visiting with Mr Giovanni Ferrando, a leading plastic surgeon, patient Giuseppina had undergone numerous unsuccessful cosmetic surgeries with other surgeons, leaving her with ‘botched’ results that caused her great emotional pain and suffering. Hear from Giuseppina how being treated by Mr Ferrando changed her life, her appearance and restored her hope in her difficult journey finally coming to an end.

Tummy tucks: who needs an abdominoplasty and what does it involve?

While losing weight is almost always a good thing for your general wellbeing, losing too much too fast can leave you with loose skin around your tummy. Loose skin can look unsightly and can have severe effects on a person’s self-esteem. This is one reason why many people are opting for abdominoplasty or “tummy tucks”. Renowned plastic surgeon Mr Giovanni Ferrando explains this procedure.

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